Family Hike Elk
Claire Molle

Claire is passionate about sharing Estes Park, a place so dear to her heart, with the rest of the world. She was born and raised in Estes, and after spending some time in North Carolina as a TV News Reporter, realized her heart still lived in the mountains. Now back in her beloved hometown, you can often find Claire out on the hiking trails, or enjoying all the cool hang-out spots Estes Park has to offer. And if she's not there, she is probably at home cooking for family and friends.  

How to do Estes on a Budget

Nothing gets you out of the winter blues like a trip to a Rocky Mountain winter wonderland, and doing that affordably is a win-win. Businesses all throughout Estes Park are working to do just that, giving you a trip with all the awe of the mountains, that won’t break the bank. Lodging First…

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How to "Catch the Glow" in Estes Park

It’s the day after Thanksgiving in Estes Park, and that means it’s time for a whimsical tradition– the annual Catch the Glow Parade. Just as the sun begins to set, Elkhorn Avenue shuts down to traffic as the sidewalks fill with around 20-thousand people bundled in coats, with hot chocolate in-hand…

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How to Elk Fest in Estes Park

Outlined in yellow and orange leaves that warm the crisp mountain air, towering rockies glow in autumn light. It’s October in Estes Park, one of the few places where your family dinner is accompanied by background sounds of bugling elk, and that’s exactly why we kick off the month with our beloved…

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