Feel the winter chill in the air? It's that time of the year again to grab your ice picks and dancing boots because Frozen Dead Guy Days is back! This ultimate guide will walk you through the thrilling festivities taking place across Estes Park from March 14 to March 17, all anchored around the infamous Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival on Saturday, March 16, at the Estes Park Events Complex.




A Whole Weekend of Frosty Fun

FDGD Kickoff

Zombie Bar Crawl (March 14): Kick off the weekend by dressing in your best zombie garb and joining the Zombie Bar Crawl, exploring the craft beverage scene in Estes Park.


Royal Blue Ball (March 15): The Royal Blue Ball is the ultimate kickoff event at the historic Stanley Hotel! With live music from Here Comes the Mummies, mind-blowing performances, and of course, the famed Ice Queen and King lookalike contest! Due to popular demand, you can now snag a discounted Royal Blue Ball and Frozen Dead Guy Days combo ticket offering expedited entry to the Saturday festival. Book your ticket package here


Icebreaker Kickoff & Frozen Sweets Stroll (March 15): Join the Icebreaker Kickoff event at Bond Park and indulge in the Frozen Sweets Stroll in downtown Estes Park.


All this leads up to the famous festival on Saturday, March 16, at the Estes Park Events Complex, followed by a Sunday filled with brunches, bands and polar plunges.


Main Event at Estes Park Events Complex (March 16)

FDGD Live Music

Get ready for the epic Frozen Dead Guy Days featuring 15 bands including three major headliners across three stages, world-famous coffin races, frozen games sponsored by local businesses, and a whole lot of food and drinks. Get your tickets to Saturday’s events and learn more about everything we have in store for you here


For the most unforgettable experience, check out the Ultimate VIP Package, including early and expedited entry to both events, special service and a merch gift for guests of The Stanley Hotel. 


Rock Out with the Coolest Beats

FDGD Lineup 2024

Immerse yourself in the pulsating live music lineup featuring renowned bands such as Andy Frasco and the U.N., Yonder Mountain String Band, Spafford, Deadphish Orchestra, and many more. Check out the full lineup here.


Coffin Races You Won't Forget

Coffin Races

Experience the high-octane thrills of the world-famous Coffin Races as teams fearlessly race across a frozen obstacle course in homemade coffins. This is nothing like you will every witness again. Choose a favorite team and cheer them on from the finish line!


Sip and Shuffle at the Bands and Bloodies Brunch (March 17)


Cure your Frozen Dead Guy Days hangover with a spirited feast and live tunes at the Bands and Bloodies Brunch. Numerous restaurants throughout town will be offering brunch menus accompanied by live music. Learn more about the brunch experience here. More info to come!


Polar Plunge (March 17)

Polar Plunge

Dress up in your craziest costume and take a frigid plunge into the frozen pond at Coffee on the Rocks. Learn more about taking the plunge here


Lodging Packages

Rams Horn- Winter Cabin

Explore special lodging offers for Frozen Dead Guy Days 2024, including discounted rates and festival tickets included with your stay. Check into the Trailborn Rocky Mountains for a stay at Estes Park’s newest lodging option! Your FDGD stay will include tickets to the festival as well as access to the exclusive geodesic ice caves experience featuring handcrafted ice cocktails from Dry Land Distillers! Book a beautiful cabin at Rams Horn Village Resort with their Don’t Wake the Dead Two-Night Special and receive 20 percent off your FDGD stay! Find more FDGD lodging packages here.


Visit Grandpa Bredo at the Cryonics Museum

Cryonics Museum

Don't leave town without paying a visit to Grandpa Bredo in his new home at the first-ever public Cryonics Museum inside the Ice House at The Stanley Hotel. Immerse yourself in the science of Cryonics and learn the full story behind Grand Bredo. Book your tour here.


Deals and Special Offers!


For the most unforgettable experience, check out the Ultimate VIP Package, including early and expedited entry to both events, special service and a merch gift for guests of The Stanley Hotel. 

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Frozen Dead Guy Days is no ordinary festival, it's a mix of quirky races, live entertainment, and blood-pumping activities. Bundle up, gather your friends, and make Frozen Dead Guy Days 2024 the most unforgettable yet! Secure your tickets at frozendeadguydays.com before they're gone!