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For a small mountain village, Estes Park’s craft beverage scene is enormous – and it seems to be growing with each passing year. Now is the right time to discover what’s brewing (and distilling, and fermenting) up here. SPIRITS Elkins Distilling Co. 1825 North Lake Ave., (419) 575-1704 The people behind Elkins Distilling Co. aren’t the first to make whiskey in Estes Park – we’re pretty sure a few... more

5 Hot Drinks to Warm You Up in Estes Park this Winter

Posted on March 3, 2017 10:00 AM by Stephanie Granada
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Up in the mountains, we’re not afraid of cool temps. Rather we embrace the weather and find fun ways to get cozy. One of our favorite (and most effective) strategies for heating things up? Drinking something hot and delicious. Sounds like a no-brainer, but we’re not just talking about run-of-the-mill coffee, tea and hot toddy. Estes business owners are a creative bunch and serve up inventive concoctions to match. And as... more

High Altitude Spiced Apple Turnovers

Posted on December 21, 2016 9:00 AM
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Winter has finally made its way to Estes Park! With the glittering snow and twinkling lights on the trees in our beautiful Downtown, I can’t help but feel a little festive! The holidays are right around the corner and I kicked off my holiday season this year by decorating our tiny mountain cabin and whipping up a batch of these tasty Spiced Apple Turnovers! My definition of a perfect Saturday afternoon. Grab your pastry blender... more

Pitches and Pints: Quinn Brett

Posted on October 24, 2016 8:05 AM
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Quinn Brett is an experienced Estes Park climber and local. Learn more about her favorite Estes Park climb complete with pro tips and her favorite place to sip on a beer after. Name :  Quinn Brett Years Climbing : 25 years!!!!! Favorite Estes Park climb :  A diamond shaped chunk of granite, nestled into a lush cirque at 13,000 feet laced with vertical cracks of all variety!  My favorite of these fissures is a route... more

US Highway 34 will open to all motorists Wednesday, November 22 at 4pm and will remain open until 8pm Sunday, November 26. The section of US 34 between mile points 72-74, west of Drake, will remain closed where crews are repairing the highway near the landslide. All through-traffic from Loveland to Estes Park will need to use Larimer County Road 43. Delays may exist on Highway 34 with one-lane traffic, Highway 36 and Highway 7... more

Estes on the Rocks: Campfire Cocktail

Posted on September 16, 2016 3:30 PM by Visit Estes Park
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Fall doesn't officially start until September 22nd so you still have a few nights left to enjoy a refreshing summer drink by the fire. Here's recipe courtesy of Estes Park Resort for a delightful cocktail to sip on next to the campfire: Pomegranate Mojito One Pure Sugar Cube. Fresh Mint Ice Two Sliced Limes 1.5oz of Rum 1.5 of Pomegranate Liqueur Club Soda Sprite Garnish with Mint and Lime   See how The... more

September 30th is the start of Vintage Market Days a biannual, three day, bohemian chic event in Estes Park, and who needs a better excuse to gather up your besties and head for the hills? Not me. While I have the privilege of living in Estes Park, I'm always looking for reasons to entice my friends and family to visit. This event is just what we've been waiting for and it the perfect way to get a jump on my... more

Name : Dustin Dyer Years Climbing : 13 years Favorite Estes Park climb : Romulan Territory, Class: 5.10b* Brief description of the climb : Classic Lumpy Ridge layback* madness! Full value sandbag* on this one, it will feel stout for 10b. Going up the steepest stretch of the Bookmark (a section of Lumpy Ridge), this climb is visible for miles around once you know where it is. Years ago, long before I climbed it,... more

Mild to Wild: Camp Coffee

Posted on July 26, 2016 11:39 AM
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Behind every great backcountry adventure there’s a substantial amount of coffee. Check out three ways we make backcountry coffee from mild to wild:   Camp Café -  French Press Items needed: Pot, stove, water, 2 table spoons of freshly ground coffee, camping specific French Press.   Steep Spot- Pour Over Items needed: Pot, stove, water, 2 table spoons of freshly ground coffee, reusable pour over.   Brew... more

Lots to Wine About

Posted on July 15, 2016 10:00 AM
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When you vacation in Estes Park, you probably won’t be doing a lot of complaining, but wining is certainly an option! The village is home to Snowy Peaks Winery , crafting wines with hand-picked, Colorado-grown grapes. There is no doubt that a glass of wine is in order after a long day of shopping, sight-seeing, hiking, and other activities. The Snowy Peaks Winery offers tastings as well as gourmet foods made by Colorado artisans... more