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Pika in the Park

Pikas in the Park


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A fun new downtown activity for all ages! Pikas in the Park is a scavenger hunt throughout Estes Park, offering a wonderful tour of the village along with historical facts in honor of the Estes Park Centennial. This new activity includes 12 bronze sculptures of Pikas, the small mountain-dwelling relatives of rabbit, placed throughout downtown. Download an activity guide to begin your Pika Hunt! Once you've found all 12, head over to the Estes Park Visitor Center to claim your Pika Finder Button!

The town of Estes Park unveiled Pikas in the Park just this Spring! Town Administrator Frank Lancaster commented, “The inspiration for Pikas in the Park came after hearing Peter Kageyama, author of For the Love of Cities. Peter talked about what makes a place special, not just a place to live and work, but the special, fun things that make people really love their community. One example cited was the Mice on Main program in Greenville, South Carolina. I wanted to find something similar that was completely unique to Colorado, and was whimsical and fun for everyone – something residents and guests could all enjoy.” Lancaster continued “Just like the musical instruments on the Riverwalk, Pikas in the Park is something fun and unique that will attract people to downtown Estes Park. It’s more than just a fun activity -- it also incorporates historical information about Estes Park, provides educational information about an important high mountain species, and highlights the character and charm of Estes Park.”

Pikas in the Park is sponsored by the Town of Estes Park, and made possible by these generous donors: Airbits, Estes Area Lodging Association, Kind Coffee, Frank and Jill Lancaster, Mama Rose’s Italian Restaurant, Mueller, Pye & Associates CPA, Greg and Pamela Muhonen, Poppy’s Pizza & Grill, Rustic Mountain Charm, Craig Soderberg, Village Goldsmith, Visit Estes Park, Whimsical, Inc., and Greg White. The pikas were designed and created by Mike Dwyer sculptures. Additional thanks go to Steve Mitchell, author of Legendary Locals of Estes Park, and Estes Park Historian Laureate Jim Pickering for background information the pikas’ namesakes, and to Audem Gonzales, who designed the Pika Finder buttons.

Bronze replicas of the pikas are sold exclusively at the Art Center of Estes Park.

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