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Through Visit Estes Park’s public relations efforts, Estes Park is showcased in a number of publications, find highlights below. Make sure to also check out our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

"Best Skip Gen Vacations for Grandparents and Grandkids" Read why Estes Park is the perfect place for kids to take their grandparents on vacation. Read the Article!

"9 Best Family Vacation Spots in Colorado" Estes Park is listed as one of the best family vacation spots in Colorado. Read the Article!

"7 National Parks That Are Even Better in Winter" Read why Rocky Mountain National Park is an excellent winter destination. Read the Article!

"Mountains Aren’t Just for Skiing" Consider a snow hiking trip the next time winter rolls around, in Estes Park. Read the Article!

"6 rock-climbing destinations worth planning a vacation around" Estes Park is included in a round up of impressive rock climbing destinations. Read the Article!

"Over my head: Going to the backcountry for a first skiing experience" A firsthand account of a snow-novice's time in the backcountry outside of Estes Park. Read the Article!

House Method: "20 Small Towns Perfect for a Winter Getaway" Estes Park is featured as a perfect winter getaway destination. Read the Article!

USA Today: "Leave the Kids Behind: Summer camp for adults" Estes Park businesses are highlighted for their adult-only offerings. Read the Article! "The Best National Parks for Fall Foliage" Rocky Mountain National Park ranks is highlighted for the grandeur of its foliage-covered landscape, the presence of rutting elk and Estes Park's Autumn Gold Festival. Read the Article! "One Perfect Day in Estes Park, CO" This article is an hour-by-hour recommendation for the perfect day in Estes Park. Read the Article! "How to Have a European Vacation - Without Leaving the State" This story is a roundup of where and how to have a European influenced vacation within Colorado. Read the article!

Make it Better Magazine online: "2017 Gift Guide: Travel" This story is a travel-focused 2017 gift guide and includes Estes Park as a top destination for soft adventure with kids.  Read the Article!

Mountain Meetings: "Plugging into the Past" This story is a feature on historic properties in the mountains and includes The Stanley Hotel and it features Estes Park in a full page photo. Read the article!

The Sun: "Rush to Colorado" This article is a direct result of hosting a group of journalists from the UK and mentions Rocky Mountain National Park, Sombrero Stables, the Ridgeline Hotel, and The Stanley Hotel. Read the Article! "10 Haunted Hotels That Will Scare the Living Daylights Out of You" This story is a roundup of haunted hotels in North America and includes the Stanley Hotel. Read the article! "Winging It" This story from the UK highlights RMNP, Elkins Distilling CO, and Kent Mountain Adventure.  Read the article! "Pimp my weekend: Denver" The story, written by UK journalist, Ross NcNeilage, encourages the United Kingdom traveler to experience all that Estes Park has to offer. Read the article!

Travel + Leisure online: "30 Haunted Places to Visit Around the World" This  story is a roundup of haunted places around the world and includes the Stanley Hotel.  Read the article! 

Atlanta Journal Constitution online: "Family Travel: Harvesting Plans for Autumn Trips"  The article is a roundup of fall travel ideas for families. The journalist includes Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, highlighting Trail Ridge Road, the elk rut and other wildlife viewing opportunities. Read the article!

TravelPulse: "Halloween Travel for Ghouls and Ghosts" The story is a roundup of destinations for Halloween travel and includes Estes Park and the Stanley Hotel. Read the article!

PureWow: "The 7 Most Haunted Places in the U.S. We Kinda Want to Visit" The story is a roundup of haunted places in the U.S. And includes the Stanley Hotel. Read the article! "13 Ridiculously Haunted Hotels" The story is a roundup of haunted hotels and includes the Stanley Hotel.  Read the article!

Wall Street Journal: "Fall will be Revealed" The story is a preview of the best experiences and trends for this fall and includes cliff camping in Estes Park.  Read the Article!

Thrilllist: "You Need to Take Everyone One of These Fall Day Trips Around Denver" The story is a roundup of the best fall day trips around Denver and includes Estes Park, highlighting the elk rut and Historic Park Theater.  Read the Article! "The 10 Best Small Towns to Visit For Halloween" The story highlights The Stanley Hotel and the Shining Ball and Murder Mystery Dinner along with the downtown Estes Park activities on Halloween night. Read the Article!

Trips to Discover: "8 Best Road Trips Through Colorado" The article features both Peak to Peak Highway and Trail Ridge Road in this best road trip article. Read the Article!

Trips to Discover: "8 Best Things to Do in Colorado in the Fall" The article features Trail Ridge Road in the "Go Leaf Peeping" section, both Rocky Mountain National Park and Elk Fest in the "Hear the Elks Bugle in Rocky Mountain National Park" section, and The Stanley Hotel in the "Visit the State's Most Haunted Spots" section. Read the Article! "Estes Park with Kids: HI Country Stables Review" This article resulted from hosting writer Kathleen Basi in July 2017. The blog post is a review of Hi Country Stables. Read the Article!

Associated Press: "Audacious Autumn: Squirrel Cook Off, Elktober, Purple Feet"The article is a roundup of unique autumn events around the country. The author includes Elktober and Elk Fest in the headline, introduction and in the first half of the list. This story was syndicated to 82 online outlets and 11 print outlets. Read the Article!

Little Family Adventure: "Exploring Rocky Mountain National Park & Estes Park with the Family" . The blog post is a feature on family-friendly activities in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park and includes several partners, along with a link back to Read the Article! "Open Air Adventure Park - Estes Park" is a family-focused travel blog.  This article is a result of hosting writer Kathleen Basi in July 29017 and feature's Estes Park's Open Air Adventure Park and her family's experience there.  Read the Article!

USA Today: "Coolest Campsite Ever: Hanging off a Cliff" The article is a feature on cliff camping with Kent Mountain Adventure.  The story is a first person narrative of her experience and includes several recommendations for other activities in the area.  It includes several images in addition to video footage of the adventure.  The story was also syndicated to 2 online outlets and 15 print outlets. Read the Article!

American Legion Magazine: "American Palette" This article is a roundup of the best fall drives around the United States and highlights Estes Park's proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park and Trail Ridge Road.  Read the article!

Oyster Online: "10 Incredible Labor Day Weekend Getaways" This article is a roundup of Labor Day Weekend getaways. The article includes Estes Park, highlighting the village’s access to Rocky Mountain National Park & Roosevelt National Forest; adventure opportunities; resorts and downtown shops. Read the article!

Sunset Magazine’s "2017 Travel Stars Awards" Estes Park was chosen for the best basecamp category, highlighting its camping opportunities, anniversary celebrations and proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park. Read the article!

Endless Vacation Magazine: "America’s 13 Spookiest Towns" This article is a roundup of the spookiest towns in America. The writer includes Estes Park, highlighting the Stanley Hotel and surrounding mountains. Read the article!

Washington Post Online: "What You Need to Know Before Returning to Tourist Sites After Disasters" The article provides a quote directly from Elizabeth Fogarty, President and CEO of Visit Estes Park, and is a feature on visiting tourist destinations following disasters. It includes insight and remarks from Elizabeth regarding the 2013 flood. Read the article!

Big Life Online and Print: “A Town We Love: Estes Park, CO” The article, a result of hosting the writer, Austen Diamond, during the Legacy Adventure FAM in August 2016, is a large feature on the Estes Park. It highlights the founding and history of Estes Park; world class climbing; activities; events; restaurants and accommodations. Austen includes a "bucket List" section, describing eight of the activities he experienced while in the destination. He also includes "eat" and "stay" sections. Read the article!

Money Magazine: “Best in Travel in 2017” This article lists the best U.S. destinations for 2017 and ranks Estes Park #2 in the country.  This article highlights authentic and affordable adventures that are offered year-round including hiking, biking, fishing, snowshoeing, and backcountry skiing.  This is a direct result of Visit Estes Park’s pitching efforts.  Read the article!

Visit Estes Park has been the project manager for the National Park Tour, from submitting the grant to organizing the itinerary and logistics, in partnership with the Colorado Tourism Office and five other destination marketing organizations across the state.  Regional partnerships continue to be a focus of Visit Estes Park.  Learn more about the NPS Tour with world-renowned adventurer, Johan Lolos here.

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