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Free Services & Marketing Opportunities

Find out what we have to offer your tourism business and who to contact to leverage the opportunity.

The Visit Estes Park Staff is comprised of a group of local experts passionate about the Estes Valley – the stunning beauty of the area, the opportunity for outdoor adventure, and the community of like-minded individuals who are in the area for the same reason we are: to live, work and play in a place we love. Like our fellow community members, our passion is evident in what we do every day and what we are working to achieve.

And we can’t wait to channel that passion your way. Here's how to get started.

First: set up a meeting with Abi 

abi huebnerAbi is available to discuss how Visit Estes Park’s free services and paid marketing opportunities can augment your marketing plan. She’ll go over everything we have to offer and answer any questions you have. Or, go directly to the staffer you need.

Email Abi


Second: choose who to contact first 

Work with Andrea on all things stakeholder services

andrea headshot

  • Upload special offers and coupons to your listings
  • Upload events to the event calendar
  • Stock Official Visitor Guides at your place of business
  • Understand how to use OLIVE
  • Understand how to respond to RFPs and service requests
  • Get your advertising plan analytics report

Email Andrea

Work with Rachel to get your business in front of the media

rachel ward oppermann

  • Get mentioned in conversations with writers and influencers
  • See your name in print
  • Be included in press trips

Email Rachel


Work with Kendall to get the word out on social

kendall akin

  • Participate in our Facebook social co-op

Email Kendall



Work with Rebecca to attract groups

rebecca pena

  • Market your property, attraction, or service to groups
  • Attract international visitors

Email Rebecca



Third: Don’t be afraid to let us know when you have questions; we’re here to help!