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Navigating To & Around the Estes Valley

Getting to Estes Park is much easier and more wondrous than you imagine. The journey to Estes Park involves only major highways and paved roads, with no alpine mountain passes. The well-maintained roads lead through winding river valleys, where the delightful scenery perfectly sets the stage for the awe-inspiring views that greet you when you arrive in Estes Park.

The village of Estes Park is only minutes from two main entrances to Rocky Mountain National Park, and there are many ways to get there or anywhere in the Estes Valley. With free, seasonal Town of Estes Park shuttle buses, multiple taxi companies and easy-to-use mapsgetting around the Estes Valley is a snap.

Welcoming Guests for Hundreds of Years

Inviting and welcoming visitors to Estes Park is nothing new. For hundreds of years the Native American Arapahoe and Ute tribes have been visiting this area in short or seasonal intervals. As European pioneers came west and settled in the Estes Valley, the settlers quickly started welcoming visitors into their lodges and guest cabins. A half-century later F.O. Stanley opened the Stanley Hotel, which ignited the hospitality industry in the area. And the rest is history, as they say.

With the rich history of Estes Park and the well-protected lands of Roosevelt National Forest and Rocky Mountain National Park, you can experience elements of days gone by. Take in the views that 19thcentury English writer and traveler Isabella Bird so eloquently described. Wrangle cattle on the historic MacGregor Ranch. Trek the paths of Native American youth on a vision quest. It is all still here for you to explore!

Relish in Your Estes Experience

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