Estes Park Nightlife

For Those with Nocturnal Tendencies

When the sun sets on Estes Park, the fun and activities continue. Live music dominates, with venues hosting local and regional musicians and entertainers. The available mix depends on the night, but a rustic lodge restaurant/bar might present bluegrass while a "club" in the village welcomes rock & blues bands. Acoustic sets fill hotel bars and village taverns energize patrons with karaoke. Irish music spills onto the streets, often played by Colorado bands that embrace a Celtic sound. A few places even attract talented guests and locals, anxious to show off their vocal and musical skills, with open mic nights.

For people who love to dance, places throughout town crank hits from the '80s through today to get people moving. Some evenings might highlight a specific style, such as salsa or swing-sometimes offering short lessons-but weekends usually feature variety. On the dancing sidelines and at more traditional bar spots, folks shoot pool, play poker or gather with friends to gab about the day's adventures.

It's true that most of Estes Park's nightlife caters to the over 21 set, but not all. Families find year-round, nightly action at the local bowling alley, evening restaurant entertainment, live theater or the movie theaters - and perhaps staying up past bedtime.

A complete list of live music and events can be found on our Events Calendar page.