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Estes Park Brand Strategy

Visit Estes Park Brand Strategy: What is a Brand Promise?

Visit Estes Park has developed a strategy for our destination brand. We want to provide a distinctive, truly one-of-a-kind experience for our guests. A community-focused promise is the basis of all of our efforts, and we hope it will become the foundation for your interactions with Estes Park guests.

Our promise is our destination brand's value proposition -- our commitment to our guests -- defined as the essence of the benefits, both functional and emotional, that visitors can experience in Estes Park. A vitally important aspect of the promise commitment is that it is not just about defining the physical aspects of the destination, but creating an expectation of experience once the guest arrives.

In developing the Estes Park promise, we have had the pleasure of reviewing over 10,000 perceptions from Estes Park guests, community members and residents, travel professionals, and others. Our strategic process has been based on extensive research and will be used as a cornerstone for how we deliver exceptional Estes Park experiences.

Paradigm Shifts

After reviewing our research and completing our Brand Assessment, we developed five main opportunities for Estes Park's Brand Promise. We call these our paradigm shifts:

  • Getaway vs. Gateway
  • Guest vs. Visitor
  • Always in season vs. On- or off-season
  • Favorite vs. One of many
  • Village vs. Resort

Estes Park Brand Promise

The Estes Park Promise: Your favorite way to experience Colorado, where exceptional, natural outdoor adventures are a way of life. Extraordinary beauty... real wildlife. Welcome to our majestic mountain village where everyone feels like a guest. Everything you want...Better than you imagined.

Delivering the Estes Park Brand Promise: Be A Part of Culturalization 

Visit Estes Park utilized Duane Knapp's Destination BrandScience methodology for Estes Park's Brand Strategy development, which is a four-phase process:

  1. Brand Assessment: Research to analyze how guests, prospective guests, residents, and businesses feel about Estes Park as a destination.
  2. Brand Promise: Defining the essence of the benefits, both emotional and functional, that guests can expect to receive from experiencing Estes Park.
  3. Brand Blueprint: Communicate the Brand Promise through distinctive brand messages in marketing creative.
  4. Brand Culturalization (Delivering the Estes Park Brand Promise): Involve the entire community in delivering the Brand Promise to each of our guests.

Phases 1-3 have been completed, and phase 4 is well underway. Call us with questions at 970-586-0500.