Crews are working to improve access to and from Rocky Mountain National Park with the Downtown Estes Loop Project.

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Estes Transit

Free Shuttle Buses

The Town of Estes Park operates five free, seasonal shuttle routes allowing you to get around town either from your lodging, or by parking at one of the large (free) hubs in Estes.


Rocky Mountain National Park operates a Hiker Shuttle from the Estes Park Visitor Center to the Park & Ride Transit Hub located on Bear Lake Road. There are no other stops in the park. At the Park & Ride, riders will transfer to the Bear Lake or Moraine Park shuttles to get to their trailhead destinations.



Estes Park Transportation

Estes Transit's free summer shuttle service, featuring a variety of daily routes, runs from Memorial Day weekend through mid-October. The 2023 schedule is available here. Un mapa en Español está aquí.

2023 Town of Estes Park Shuttle Map


Rocky Mountain National Park 2023 Seasonal Shuttles

The Rocky Mountain National Park shuttles operate from May 26 through October 22 and offer transportation within the park and to and from the Estes Park Visitor Center.

Don't forget that timed-entry permit and entry fees still apply. Park passes are available for purchase at Rocky Mountain National Park Visitor Center and entrance stations. You can also buy 1-day, 7-day, and annual passes online here. See full shuttle information here.

rmnp 2023 shuttle bus information
Bear Lake Shuttle Route

Dates: May 26 - October 22, 7 days a week


  • First shuttle departs the Bear Lake Park & Ride: 6:30am
  • Last shuttle departs Bear Lake and returns to the Bear Lake Park & Ride: 7:30pm
  • The shuttle runs every 10-15 minutes.

Fee: Free


  • Bear Lake Park & Ride
  • Bierstadt Lake Trailhead
  • Glacier Gorge Trailhead
  • Bear Lake
Moraine Park Shuttle Route

Dates: May 26 - October 22, 7 days a week


  • First shuttle departs the Bear Lake Park & Ride: 7am
  • Last shuttle departs from the Fern Lake Bus Stop and returns to the Bear Lake Park & Ride: 7:30pm. If returning to Glacier Gorge or Bear Lake Parking Area, the last shuttle will depart from Fern Lake Trailhead at 6:30pm.
  • The shuttle runs every hour.

Fee: Free


  • Bear Lake Park & Ride
  • Sprague Lake/Glacier Creek Stables
  • Hollowell Park
  • Tuxedo Park
  • Moraine Park Campground (C Loop)
  • Cub Lake Trailhead
  • Fern Lake Bus Stop

2023 Hiker Shuttle

The hiker shuttle will operate between the Estes Park Visitor Center and the Bear Lake Park & Ride from May 26 to October 22, 2023. 7-day service will operate May 26 to September 4. Beginning on September 9, weekend service only will continue through October 22.

  • To ride the Hiker Shuttle, all passengers must reserve Hiker Shuttle Tickets in advance. Reservations can be made online on a first-come, first-served basis through
  • All riders in a party are required to have a Hiker Shuttle Ticket. There is a $2 processing fee for each Hiker Shuttle reservation. One reservation will cover from 1 to 4 Hiker Shuttle Tickets, which is good for up to 4 people in a party - regardless of age.
  • When making a Hiker Shuttle Reservation, remember to change the number of tickets in your check-out box to match the number of people in your group. If there are 4 passengers in your party, make sure to change the number of tickets reserved from "1" to "4."
    • All passengers, including infants and small children, must have their own Hiker Shuttle Ticket.
    • Please only reserve the number of seats needed.
  • Passengers with Hiker Shuttle Ticket Reservations will board the Hiker Shuttle in front of the Estes Park Visitor Center.
  • The Hiker Shuttle does not pick up or drop-off passengers at any other locations in Estes Park or in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • After boarding the Hiker Shuttle, the bus will drive passengers to the Park & Ride Transit Hub inside Rocky Mountain National Park. Once at Park & Ride, passengers may transfer to the park's free Bear Lake or Moraine Park Shuttles to reach destinations located along the Bear Lake Road Corridor.


  • For buses departing from the Estes Park Visitor Center and going to the Bear Lake Park & Ride: every 45 minutes from 9am to 2:15pm.
  • For buses leaving the Bear Lake Park & Ride and returning to the Estes Park Visitor Center: every 45 minutes from 10am to 1:45pm and 3pm to 6pm.


The Town of Estes Park Visitor Center offers guests free parking, with the Riverwalk Parking Garage hosting 415 spots, restrooms and access to all six town shuttles, including the downtown trolley. Located at 500 Big Thompson Avenue, the visitor center also provides free Wi-Fi and visitor information.

The largest and free parking area in Estes Park is the Park & Ride stop located at the Estes Park Events Complex at Stanley Park at 1209 Manford Avenue, just east of Highway 7 and south of Highway 36. This parking lot is serviced by the Silver Route daily between July 1 and September 4. Public restrooms also are found at this location.

With shuttle routes passing nearly every lodging property in the Estes Valley, you likely can hop on very close to your hotel, avoiding driving and parking altogether.

See full parking details here.