Tram Village

Estes Park Bigfoot Days

April 2022, see below for details from past years, to get you excited.

Bigfoot at the Estes Park Sign

2020 Bigfoot Days

Featuring special celebrity guests Joe "Huckleberry" Lott and "Wild" Bill Neff, both from the Travel Channel's show Mountain Monsters, and Cliff Barackman from Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet, Discovery).

Estes Park Bigfoot Days will feature activities, events, educational opportunities, and entertainment all dedicated to Bigfoot lore. There will be a ticketed Bigfoot themed dinner on Friday night, April 17th which will feature a talk and Q&A from a world-famous Bigfoot expert.  Saturday, April 18th will feature a Big Foot run and a FREE festival with live bands, entertainment, vendors, food trucks and much more!

​Join us at the Estes Park Events Complex for some BIG fun!

About the celebrities:
​Joe "Huckleberry"; Lott and "Wild"; Bill Neff are both former Marines and are now core members of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings Team (AIMS) and it wasn't until the members of the team had their own personal encounters with creatures that they became believers. There are creatures both legendary and unidentified roaming the Appalachian Mountains, and a band of hard-core hunters and trappers have made it their life's work to investigate them. For generations, alleged sightings of these monsters with such names as Bigfoot, Grassman, Skunk Ape, Wolfman, Devil Dog, Wampus Beast and Mothman, have occurred along the 1,500- mile stretch of the Appalachian Mountains. You can currently watch Huckleberry and Wild Bill, along with Buck, Jeffro, and Willy on the Travel Channel and Destination America's hit series, Mountain Monsters!

Cliff Barackman has been a dedicated Sasquatch field researcher for more than two decades. It was his dedication to the subject and his online presence that drew the attention of Discovery Communications, which later invited him to be a starring cast member of all 100 episodes of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot television series. Both on- and off-camera, he has managed to gather data supporting the hypothesis that Sasquatches are an undiscovered species of great ape that walks upright and lives in North America. Though finding and documenting data is a goal of Cliff’s research, it is not the primary goal. As it turns out, the journey is just as rewarding as any destination! Cliff is now the owner and curator of the North American Bigfoot Center in Boring, Oregon.