Bigfoot at the Estes Park Sign

Estes Park Bigfoot Days

April 12-13, 2019

Big Foot Days Logo

Bigfoot Dinner - Friday, April 12, 6-9pm

Hosted at the Estes Park Resort, this Bigfoot-themed dinner will feature food, drinks, live music, celebrities, and of course, food. Devin Baize will grace your ears with acoustic pickin' and a soulful voice. James "Bobo" Fay, who has dedicated his life to researching, exploring and finding bigfoot. Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology, has taken a strong interest in bigfoot, as an expert on foot morphology and locomotion in primates.

Tickets are $80 each and can be purchased through the EP Resort at 970-577-6400

Bigfoot Days 5-Mile Run - Saturday, April 13, 8am

Starting and ending at Town Hall, you'll take a scenic loop around Lake Estes - don't forget to take in the views of the Continental Divide and Lumpy Ridge between breaths. Register to run here.

The Main Event - Saturday, April 13, 10am-4pm

  • 30 Vendors and Food Trucks
  • Western Heritage Beer Garden
  • James "Bobo" Fey and Dr. Jeff Meldrum will be available for photos and other activities
  • Live music from SolPride from 10am-12pm, and That Damn Sasquatch form 1:30-4pm
  • Bigfoot Calling Contest - 12pm in Bond Park. Celebrities and local experts will teach about bigfoot calls before allowing you to compete and be judged by the experts
  • Bigfoots in Estes Park - 11am & 2pm in the Town Hall Board Room. Local experts will present a slideshow and do a Q & A about bigfoots in the surrounding area
  • Bigfoot Tours - 10am, 11:30am, 1pm & 2:30pm Wildside 4x4 will be running special 70-minute bigfoot tours
  • Bigfoot Dance Off - 3pm, in front of the stage
  • Bigfoot Bigwheel Races - throughout the day in front of Town Hall, race your friends and family to see who could outrun bigfoot on a bigwheel
  • Bigfoot Obstacle course - throughout the day, put on the provided bigfoot costume and see who's the speediest bigfoot
  • Bigfoot Hotspot Map - go on a self-guided bigfoot tour throughout Estes Park
  • Party with Bigfoot - information on an after party coming soon