Rent Boats, Bikes and More at the Lake Estes Marina

Visit Estes Park Staff

The Visit Estes Park team is here to assist you! Please contact any of the staff members below with your questions, or for more information on marketing Estes Park. Staff can be reached via email, too. Please use the following format to email us: First Initial Last Name (ex.

Eric Lund


970-586-0500 x. 1231

Kevin Benes


970-586-0500 x. 1222

Shannon Davis

Marketing Director

970-586-0500 x. 1229

Abi Huebner

Director of Stakeholder Services

970-586-0500 x. 1223

Wendi Bryson

Office Manager

970-586-0500 x. 1224

Josh Harms

Digital Content Manager

970-586-0500 x. 1225

Rachel Ward Oppermann

Public Relations Coordinator

970-586-0500 x. 1221

Elena Patton

Stakeholder Services Coordinator

970-586-0500 x. 1228

Claire Molle

Stakeholder Services Coordinator

970-586-0500 x. 1226

Kendall Akin

Media Coordinator

970-586-0500 x. 1227

Megan Maitland

Staff Photographer

970-586-0500 x. 1230