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Rachel Ward Oppermann

Rachel is a lover of mountains, small mountain towns and all things people-powered especially if the thing takes place in the mountains, making Estes Park the perfect place to live, work and play. After a long day of fun, you can find Rachel enjoying coffee on the riverwalk or on a patio soaking up the Colorado sun with a beer in hand. IG: @mtnssunskyohmy

Your Guide to Coffee in Estes Park

These shops are more than just coffee. There are 9 coffee shops in our little mountain town. What sets each apart is not the selection of specialty lattes or the type of roast used (each and every cup is delicious) but the shop itself. Read on to find out how, and to decide which one you’ll visit…

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How to Picnic in Estes Park

Pick up some food at a local restaurant and head out into the fresh air for a meal with a view. First: find what you’re hungry for Most Estes Park restaurants provide a takeout option with utensils, napkins and condiments included, so if staying within walking distance from the restaurant or…

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Rocky Mountain Outdoor Experiences 101

Build a vacation around learning how to adventure in the great outdoors around Estes Park. Here's how. Hiking Hiking may seem intimidating to those who haven’t hiked much, or at all, and frankly that’s not a bad thing. Hiking in the high country comes with inherent risks not typical for lower…

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Celebrate Earth Day in Estes Park

Earth Day reminds us to take a moment to reflect on the threats our planet faces as well as actions we can take in our daily lives to mitigate them. Surrounded by forests and wildlife, the need to respect and commit to conserving nature is evident in Estes Park. And it’s inspiring. Spend Earth Day…

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5 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever in Estes Park

Get outside and brush off winter’s cobwebs with one (or all!) of the following ways to beat back cabin fever as spring draws nearer and the urge to play outside in the fresh air becomes harder to resist. 1. Rock Down to Elkhorn Avenue Walking down to Elkhorn Avenue might be more inconspicuous, but…

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Does Estes Park Close in the Winter?

It’s an honest question we in Estes Park hear frequently. The short answer is no, Estes Park does not close in the winter. Read on to get some clarification – and to find out why you should visit the town of Estes Park this winter. Reason number one why Estes Park does not close in the winter: Estes…

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