Now more than ever, we are recognizing how important it is to get outdoors–however that may look like for you. Even the previously mundane activity of walking has become vital to our mental and physical health. Studies have shown that walking boosts creativity, releases all the feel good chemicals and lowers our stress hormone, cortisol. For walking in Estes, places like the Lake Estes path and the Riverwalk are accessible ways to achieve this. Roosevelt National Forest, Hermit Park and Performance Park are refreshing places to take in the mountain air. Our other ideas are gathered below.

Hikers and Dog Atop Kruger Rock

We are also recognizing how important it is to respect other people’s space when in the outdoors. Summer seems to be everyone’s favorite season in Estes Park, rightfully so. We are so excited to safely welcome you back to our mountain town and have some ideas to make sure you’re comfortable throughout your adventures. Tips like getting an alpine start or having a Plan B for escaping the summer crowds still remain but adding new ones like reserving an entry time slot for RMNP and committing to keeping your distance will be necessary as well. 


fresh air and plenty of space image



  • Hermit Park
  • Roosevelt National Forest
  • Lake Estes Path
  • Riverwalk
  • RMNP


  • Hermit Park
  • Stanley Park Bike Path
  • Lake Estes Path


  • Performance Park


  • Wapiti Meadows
  • Lake Estes

Get on the Wateer

  • Lake Estes