Name: Dustin Dyer

Years Climbing: 13 years

Favorite Estes Park climb: Romulan Territory, Class: 5.10b*

Brief description of the climb: Classic Lumpy Ridge layback* madness! Full value sandbag* on this one, it will feel stout for 10b. Going up the steepest stretch of the Bookmark (a section of Lumpy Ridge), this climb is visible for miles around once you know where it is. Years ago, long before I climbed it, someone told me it was the best laybacking on Lumpy, I think there is a good chance it stands up to that claim. The movement* is incredible, and the protection* is just as memorable. It can be difficult to place gear in some spots (it's all there though). 

Pro tip for this climb: At the crux* bulge, place gear at the bottom then punch it*! A stance and good pro will come. Don't forget the thin gear!

Favorite Local beer to sip on after a climb: Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co - Dirtyface IPA. Delicious, easy drinking hoppy goodness. Plus you can stare at what you just climbed while you drink it.

Term Glossary:
*5.10b: This a  measurement on the  Yosemite Decimal System to indicate the difficulty of the climb. Climbs from 5.9 to 5.10c are considered moderate to difficult climbs. 
*Layback climbing: Climbing a vertical edge by side-pulling the edge with both hands and relying on friction or very small holds for the feet.
*Sandbag: A climb which receives a much lower grade than deserved.
*Movement: Reference to the fluidity of moving up the route.  
*Protection: Equipment or anchors used for restraining falls. Also known as Pro.
*Crux: The Hardest part of the climb
*Punch it: Go for it.
*Stance: A portion in the climb where one can rest before continuing. 
*Pro: Slang for Protection.