Crews are working to improve access to and from Rocky Mountain National Park with the Downtown Estes Loop Project.

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Family Hike Elk
Milky Way Mills Lake
John Berry

An experienced photographer, John’s ability to make his work come alive and his passion for outdoor photography produces images irresistible to Estes Park guests.  When not working, you can find John riding his bike around the lake, playing guitar, or hiking in the mountains with his girlfriend, Anne.

All Things Frosty Beer Fest

Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 9, 2–5 p.m., for the ultimate event to celebrate our fantastic local beer and wine. The Glow in the Park Frosty Beer Fest is a can't-miss FREE Event for beer enthusiasts and party animals. Here are five reasons you don't want to miss out on the Frosty Beer…

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How to Capture Fall in Estes Park

Fall in Estes Park is extraordinary. As the aspen leaves turn yellow, it's hard not to capture the beauty on your digital device of choice. Photographers, whether with their fancy lenses or iPhones, flock to capture this beauty in frames. Here are some tips from Visit Estes Park photographer John…

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Best Places to See the Stars in Estes Park

The wonders of outer space can be witnessed year-round in Estes Park, but during the summer months, you can bear witness to our very own Milky Way Galaxy. Estes Park becomes its own space capsule at night. All you have to do is look up! Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park is right next door to…

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Staff Photographer's Top 10 Photos

Being the staff photographer for Visit Estes Park is a dream job. Before moving to Estes Park, I was living in central Illinois, where corn fields dominated the landscape. 1 year and a few months after accepting the job offer and moving to the mountains, I'm still in awe of this amazing place that…

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Cliff Camping with Kent Mountain Adventure Center

Would you willingly sleep on the side of a mountain? Even if you answered "No" to that question, chances are, you have questions. We recently spoke with Dominic Rickicki, a climbing guide with Estes Park's Kent Mountain Adventure Center. Describe the experience of cliff camping. (How long are…

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What to wear and pack on your Estes Adventures

People from all over the world travel to our mountainous paradise year-round to enjoy time outside. Each season in Estes Park requires certain pieces of gear/clothing that will only help your performance on the trail, in town, or at those higher elevations. A great place to get started with finding…

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Visit Estes Park hosts Estes Inspired Event

We are Estes Inspired! In honor of National Travel and Tourism week, we held a special event to celebrate the hard-working folks who make up the tourism industry here in Estes Park. Estes Inspired featured a State of the Tourism Industry Update by the Colorado Tourism Office's Andrew Grossmann and…

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Street Art Tour of Estes Park

Estes Park is home to several beautiful murals and statues that represent stories of Estes Park culture. As you explore the downtown area of Estes Park, plan your shopping route around these artworks so you don't miss any prime photo opportunities. Tribute to our Firefighters Located in the alley…

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