Since I moved to Estes Park, my family has wanted to visit a lot more… because they continue to miss me or because I live in a dreamy destination? I don’t like asking those types of questions but I think we all know it’s the latter. With them visiting so much, I am ready for whatever the weather throws at us. If you and yours are like me and mine, you probably have a packed itinerary filled with every single outdoor activity imaginable, with a splash of stuffing your faces with delicious food and beer. But even the best thought-out plans get thrown when the weather gets messy.

Or you might also be like me and mine if your family is one of those that just has to squeeze in a workout class on the first morning of vacation, similar to those families that run 5Ks on holidays. We should form a support group. Either way, there are still ways to stay active while it’s raining and also ways to stick to your workout routine while yes, continuing to enjoy your vacation. Here are some of the places I take my family on those days.

The Estes Valley Community Center

The Community Center has everything, including great views from the track that surround the basketball courts. It is the perfect “challenge by choice” place to workout. There are endless ways to get your sweat on ranging from swimming laps to kickboxing classes to weight lifting. And those just scratch the surface of the burn you could feel after leaving the Community Center. They offer day passes at $13 for adults and have a full set of locker rooms so you can set out on your next adventure as soon as you finish your workout! Choose your challenge here.

Estes Park Mountain Shop

Have you watched Dawn Wall recently and, naturally, wanted to climb your own dawn wall yet are probably not ready to take on the actual Dawn Wall? Or if you’ve watched Free Solo and think you’re good for The Boulder Problem, hit the wall at the Mountain Shop. With over 4,500 square feet of climbing terrain, including top-rope and bouldering routes plus a Moon Board and treadwall, the Mountain Shop could be a key player in making those dreams come true. A day pass for top roping is $12 and if you’re bouldering, $10! Insider tip - fill out the waiver beforehand to save valuable climbing time!

Estes Park Crossfit

If you are an avid Crossfitter in your hometown, you are obviously very dedicated to your high-intensity, full body workouts and will feel right on routine visiting our Crossfit. Plus, training at high-altitude will push your body and improve your performance that much more, an added bonus. EP Crossfit offers one-time drop-ins for $20 and unlimited week-long drop-ins for $40! Seems like a steal. Check it out here.

Estes Park Yoga

Yoga in the mountains… what is more spiritual than that?! These classes will make you feel even more in touch with yourself and your mountainous surroundings. Estes Park Yoga is the perfect way to start your vacation off on the right foot, relieving inevitable stress the previous work week brought. Drop in and get your inner Yogi on for $17. Check out the range of classes here.

The YMCA of the Rockies

Now, this isn’t your average YMCA. If you’re looking for an indoor family-friendly (and fun) workout, this could be your place! The Y holds a 25-foot indoor rock climbing wall plus an area for bouldering. Feeling a little shy? They’ll give you an introduction to the equipment and some tips on technique before you attempt your first ascent. To achieve your climbing dreams, it will cost you $10 an hour. The Y is the place to go where working out doesn’t feel like working out, especially when you’re jumping into the swimming pool or hopping onto the roller rink. The Y also offers a wide range of yoga classes, another great challenge by choice exercise. Make sure to check out the activity guide here.

Rocky Mountain Health Club/Estes Iron

This is a private gym for serious high-altitude athletes. In addition to their small but very well-equipped weight room, group exercise studio, heavy bag/cardio room, and world-class functional area, they offer a variety of extraordinary classes each week taught by energetic, skilled instructors. For visitors, it’s only $10 a day! Check it out here.