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The Many Meanings Of “Park”

Estes Park is a town not a park—but it’s also a park. Let us explain. One of the most commonly asked questions at the Estes Park Visitor’s Center is: “How much does it cost to get into Estes Park?” And currently, "do I need a timed-entry permit to access Estes Park?" The easy, honest answer is:…

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Spooky Estes Stories Best Told Around The Fire

It’s that time of the year where we all find joy in scaring ourselves and convincing each other of the supernatural. Read on for some Estes spookiness… if you dare. The Haunting at the Baldpate Inn In 1911, Gordon and Ethel Mace built a classic log cabin for themselves and several smaller…

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The History of Salt Water Taffy in Estes Park

Why this boardwalk delicacy is better in the mountains. Also, what’s up with fudge. A common question from folks walking Elkhorn Avenue (the main drag downtown) is “what’s up with all the taffy?” Well, first off, there are just two shops specializing in this chewy delight (though there are many…

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