Crews are working to improve access to and from Rocky Mountain National Park with the Downtown Estes Loop Project.

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Family Hike Elk

Brain Freeze Weekend

Check out the Brain Freeze Weekend, part of the Frozen Dead Guy Days Satellite Events in Estes Park, hosted at Lonigans Saloon. This event aims to freeze attendees' minds with a unique and unforgettable icy experience. Your support is crucial to the success of this event. The Brain Freeze Weekend at…

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10 Reasons to Visit Estes Park this Fall

Autumn in Estes Park is when everything falls into place. Your rock shoes will stick a little better, the trails are in ideal condition for mountain biking, trail running, or hiking, and the trout are biting. It's peak season for your favorite activities but not for the crowds if you can play hooky…

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Estes Park's Craft Beverage Boom

For a small mountain village, Estes Park’s craft beverage scene is enormous – and it seems to be growing with each passing year. Now is the right time to discover what’s brewing (and distilling, and fermenting) up here. SPIRITS Elkins Tasting Room and Mercantile Their original Elkins Colorado…

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How to Farmers Market in Estes Park

Here’s everything you need to know about one of the season’s most quintessentially Colorado experiences. With downtown Estes Park and the snowcapped peaks beyond serving as an idyllic backdrop, you can wander the white tents in the Estes Park Visitor Center Parking Lot, each displaying products from…

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Best Places to View the Perseids in Estes Park

The Perseid Meteor shower is an annual spectacle of "shooting stars," and Estes Park and its surrounding public lands are a great place to view it. Here's how--and when. What The Perseid Meteor shower occurs when the Earth's orbit passes through the trail left by the Comet Swift-Tuttle. The debris…

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5 Fall Itineraries in Estes Park

5 ways to do fall in Estes. Leaf Peeper There are so many ways to see the leaves. Hiking and scenic drives are the most obvious – and for good reason! Check out our 10 favorite trails for leaf-peeping, because the only thing more magical than seeing the golden aspens from afar, is walking through…

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