Fire officials from the East Troublesome Fire Thompson Zone Incident Management Team and local authorities have downgraded the evacuation status for the Estes Valley. Estes Park is now open to visitors. However, it is not business as usual in Estes Park. The East Troublesome Fire Thompson Zone is still a potential threat to the Estes Valley and businesses may not be operating as normal.

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Family Hike Elk

Halloween 2019 in Estes Park

Estes has no shortage of spooky stories. But Halloween doesn’t just have to be spooky – there’s plenty going on, no matter what sort of event you’re looking for! American Legion Haunted House Friday’s & Saturday’s in October, American Legion Post 119 More Info Rock Cut Pumpkin Carving…

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All About Aspens

What’s the deal with these beautiful trees that turn to glorious golden groves this time of year? Aspen trees stand out from their conifer neighbors with signature white bark and what almost appear to be eyes carved into its outer layer. They are unique in their advanced root system, which ties…

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Estes Park Fall Photography Guide

We are lucky in Colorado to get to experience such vivid changes of seasons, especially the one that happens when the trees start to paint the mountainside with bright reds, oranges and yellows. Photographers, whether that’s with their fancy lenses or their iPhones, flock to capture this beauty in…

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10 Reasons to Visit Estes Park this Fall

Autumn in Estes Park is when everything falls into place. Your rock shoes will stick a little better, the trails are in ideal condition for mountain biking & trail running, and the trout are biting. It's peak season for your favorite activities but not for the crowds if you can play hooky – you may…

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5 Fall Itineraries in Estes Park

5 ways to do fall in Estes. Leaf Peeper There are so many ways to see the leaves. Hiking and scenic drives are the most obvious – and for good reason! Check out our 10 favorite trails for leaf-peeping, because the only thing more magical than seeing the golden aspens from afar, is walking through…

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2017 Estes Aspen Watch

We're on high alert for golden Aspens! We've heard reports that a few Aspens have begun to be spotted with golden leaves! As the elk shed the velvet from their antlers, their bugles will begin to echo…

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