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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Posted on May 25, 2017 11:00 AM
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Colorado is known for over 300 days of sunshine! But there are 365 days in a year, so here's what to do when you get a little rain in Estes Park!   Enjoy Craft Beverages Beer lovers, wine connoisseurs and whiskey aficionados will all be enticed with Estes Park's booming craft beverage scene . Three breweries in town to wet your whistle. Snowy Peaks is the perfect place to do a wine-tasting, and even take a bottle... more

For a small mountain village, Estes Park’s craft beverage scene is enormous – and it seems to be growing with each passing year. Now is the right time to discover what’s brewing (and distilling, and fermenting) up here. SPIRITS Elkins Distilling Co. 1825 North Lake Ave., (419) 575-1704 The people behind Elkins Distilling Co. aren’t the first to make whiskey in Estes Park – we’re pretty sure a few... more

Whether it's sightseeing along Trail Ridge Road, taking a leisurely stroll around Lily Lake, or the thrill of summiting the park's only 14er, Longs Peak,  Rocky Mountain National Park  attracts a variety of guests from adventure seekers, families and couples. However, many may not realize that some of RMNP's most beautiful sights of nature are the countless waterfalls found throughout the park. Mariah Nelson,... more

Spring into Action

Posted on April 19, 2017 3:00 PM by Visit Estes Park
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Take advantage of Spring's mild temperatures and abundance of sunshine before summer kicks into high gear. Adventure junkies, naturalists and leisure travelers alike will find activities to keep them busy. Here are just a few great opportunities available this Spring for all Estes Park visitors: Biking : A road cyclist's dream, paved routes threading through the valley prove anything but flat. Ups and downs, switchbacks,... more

5 Estes Park Cycling Routes You Haven't Pedaled

Posted on March 15, 2017 2:00 PM by Kevin Benes
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In my career with the Town of Estes Park I have lots of opportunities to talk with our guests. I typically steer our conversations on what activity brings them to town and I’ve started to notice a pattern. The answers are almost always hiking , snowshoeing , backcountry skiing , climbing and a myriad of other outdoor adventures that each have the potential to be the highlight of a guest’s experience. Today I am going to... more

I have lived in Estes Park for two years, but have been a summer visitor since childhood. Certainly other seasons have their perks, but warm weather is what I am waiting for, and what I dream of when I think of living in the mountains. There is so much to anticipate: wildflowers, ocean blue skies, hot sun blazing at mid-day on my fair skin, and then afternoon showers that cool everything off creating pine perfume. And of course, long... more

Estes on the Rocks: Campfire Cocktail

Posted on September 16, 2016 3:30 PM by Visit Estes Park
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Fall doesn't officially start until September 22nd so you still have a few nights left to enjoy a refreshing summer drink by the fire. Here's recipe courtesy of Estes Park Resort for a delightful cocktail to sip on next to the campfire: Pomegranate Mojito One Pure Sugar Cube. Fresh Mint Ice Two Sliced Limes 1.5oz of Rum 1.5 of Pomegranate Liqueur Club Soda Sprite Garnish with Mint and Lime   See how The... more

What The Perseid Meteor shower is an annual astronomical affair. It occurs when the Earth's orbit passes through the trail left by the Comet Swift-Tuttle. The debris left in this comet's trail is burned up as it enters Earth's atmosphere, causing the brilliant display. Earth passes through the debris trail from July 17th to August 24th, with the peak of the shower being on August 12th. This year is an outburst year... more

How to Fourth of July in Estes Park Celebrating Independence Day is a long-standing tradition in most American towns, and the village of Estes Park is no exception!  Make the most out of this star-spangled day with our tips:   Fill up on Freedom Start the day off with an all-American breakfast before heading out to the day’s events with a 4th of July pancake breakfast. Held at Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church,... more

Have you ever wondered what a wedding in Estes Park would be like? Follow Elizabeth Courtney, a talented lifestyle photographer with a love for all things Estes Park, and her future husband Kramer Hyland, July 16, as they take over our Instagram and share their big day with us!   Get to know this cute couple better by following them on Instagram and checking out their wedding profile. Q : Name?  A:Elizabeth Courtney &... more