It isn’t uncommon to see a plump, plush toy bear plopped outside of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. This toy bear welcomes people as they follow their noses to the sweet treats that await inside. In 2012 a furry Estes Park local, bearing a striking resemblance to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s mascot, thought he would swing by to satisfy his sweet tooth.

Fondly know now as B. Thomas the bear, this curious guy came by the shop to taste some of the amazing candy, but when he arrived the shop was closed! While leaning on the doors to peek at the sweets, the doors popped open. Feeling welcomed, B. Thomas the bear went in to sample all of the delicious candy. Like all Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory visitors, the bear left with his treats and quickly return for another helping.     

In all, B. Thomas tried Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s Crispy Rice Treats, Large Peanut Butter Buckets, Cookie Bears , Balls of Joy and English Toffee. After going in and out of the shop seven times that night and devouring 20 pounds of chocolate, the bear had gotten his fill and headed off.

You can visit Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and try all of the treats B. Thomas ate in the Bear’s Choice Sample Pack. Also, check out the locally-produced children’s book and audio book that tell his story.

Don’t forget to grab one of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s delicious, handmade caramel apples.