Crews are working to improve access to and from Rocky Mountain National Park with the Downtown Estes Loop Project.

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Family Hike Elk

Bring Estes Home with these Recipes

There’s this push and pull when we go on vacation between a love of eating out and the longing for a home cooked meal. Experiencing the foodie scene of a new place is part of the “vacation package” but I know that when I return home, one of my bigger exhales is eating a home cooked meal. We want to…

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The History of Salt Water Taffy in Estes Park

Why this boardwalk delicacy is better in the mountains. Also, what’s up with fudge. A common question from folks walking Elkhorn Avenue (the main drag downtown) is “what’s up with all the taffy?” Well, first off, there are just two shops specializing in this chewy delight (though there are many…

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High Altitude Cheesy Garlic Loaf

Have you always wanted to try making yeast bread but it seems a bit scary? Maybe baking at 7,500 feet in elevation seems like a lofty goal? Well, guess what! It’s national Bread Day! And I have a super-simple, garlic-y, cheesy, buttery loaf of deliciousness that is the perfect gateway dough into…

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