The Estes area has 124 named peaks, and 118 of them are over 10,000 feet. These peaks bring a unique perspective, one you can only get from the summit. Learn how being outdoors, and climbing new mountains changes your perspective by listening to the newest episode of Exploring Estes Park: Call of the Mountains. 

Aaron talks to Dawn Wilson, a local landscape and wildlife photographer as they walk around Lake Estes and visit the Matthew-Reeser Bird Sanctuary. This sanctuary is located on the west end of the lake and is a popular elk calf birthing area, which is a really wild sight to see and it’s just that: wild. So keep your distance, and an even greater one during the birthing season. 

She says learning to slow down is what makes a good photographer. If you want to hear her other tips, she leads photography tours in the National Park, check it out

Follow along as Aaron summits a peak and talks about hiking in high altitude and how to be prepared. Hear from a guide from Colorado Mountain School about pushing your limits. If you’re looking to bag a peak or just hike in general but unsure where and how to start, hire a guide. 

This episode does a deep dive into one peak in particular. But if you’ve been to Estes, you know it’s not our only peak. Learn how some of Estes’ most prominent peaks got their names.