In this fast paced world we live in today taking a moment to slow down and focus on yourself is luxurious. Taking a moment in the mountains is even better.

We recommend taking more than a moment, of course, because in Estes Park part of taking a moment for yourself means getting out into the mountains. You’ve heard that simply spending time in nature lowers stress, as does exercise — so take your favorite mountain adventure and add some combination of massage, body treatment, facials and yoga for the ultimate wellness-focused, Estes Park-style vacation. Here’s how.


Get out on a trail

Doesn’t matter if you hike, bike, climb, snowshoe or ski – in Estes Park, the surrounding forests offer it all, as well as a sense of calm perfectly conducive to improving one’s wellness. Walks through town and around Lake Estes count too — this is equal opportunity self care.


Get on a table

From acupuncture to balance and energize to a FAR infrared sauna blanket to detox, and everything in between, choose from a wide range of inventive massages, body treatments and facials that will complement your time spent in nature. 


Find the one you can’t resist:

Get some Zen

Yoga. No matter your reason for doing it, there is no doubt it is an integral part of any wellness routine — or vacation. Estes Park Yoga offers a good variety of classes, workshops, and allows drop ins. 

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