Trial Ridge Road, in Rocky Mountain National Park, is the highest continuous paved road in the United States. The route climbs from 7,800 feet to more than 12,000 feet at its highest point. It passes through a variety of habitat, from mountain meadows and woodlands to well above treeline into the alpine tundra. Along the way there are numerous stops for you get out of your car and take in the beauty that surrounds the area.

Recently, Trail Ridge Road opened up to Rainbow Curve. As Rock Mountain National Park continues to clear the road start planning your summer road trip, and check out our top 5 stops on Trial Ridge Road:


Forest Canyon Overlook: Here you can enjoy breathtaking views of Forest Canyon’s lush green canopy as well as the mountains that makeup the Continental Divide.


Rainbow Curve: From here you are able to get unique views of Horseshoe Park, Alluvial Fan and the Beaver Ponds.


Lava Cliffs: A stunning contrast to some of the lingering snow on  Trial Ridge Road, the Lava Cliffs are the result of some faulting and regional up-warping  and volcanic activity leaving  young volcanic rock in contact with Precambrian rocks.


Toll Memorial Trail: Located at Rock Cut near the top of Trail Ridge Road the trail traverses across the open tundra. The trail gets its names from Ranger Toll the former superintendent of Rocky Mountain National Park from 1921 to 1929.


Many Parks Curve: Enjoy stunning views of Moraine Park from here and see how melting glaciers formed the surrounding area.


Keep exploring, use Trial Ridge Road to connect with three other central scenic byways in the area and complete a 360 mile loop of Northern Colorado.