Fire officials from the East Troublesome Fire Thompson Zone Incident Management Team and local authorities have downgraded the evacuation status for the Estes Valley. Estes Park is now open to visitors. However, it is not business as usual in Estes Park. The East Troublesome Fire Thompson Zone is still a potential threat to the Estes Valley and businesses may not be operating as normal.

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Family Hike Elk

What's Up with the Rut?

The sound of a bull elk bugling during mating season is one of the most plaintive and captivating things that you can hear in the mountains. It begins with a few growly bars, increases a few registers to a high pitch scream and then ends with a series of grunts. Sounding a little something like…

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Distancing from Wildlife

In these days of physical distancing our new normal is to stay home, and when leaving for essentials, we should be at least 6 feet away from other humans. So it feels natural to remind ourselves that the distance between us and wildlife is much farther (at least 75 feet) and is a rule that should…

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5 Fall Itineraries in Estes Park

5 ways to do fall in Estes. Leaf Peeper There are so many ways to see the leaves. Hiking and scenic drives are the most obvious – and for good reason! Check out our 10 favorite trails for leaf-peeping, because the only thing more magical than seeing the golden aspens from afar, is walking through…

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An Insider’s Guide to Wildlife Watching in Estes Park

There are countless draws to visit Estes Park, Colorado: Seeing the wildlife that inhabit the high-altitude Rocky Mountains is near the top of the list. The area is home to dozens of species of mammals, more than 250 types of birds, and even a handful of amphibian and reptile species. No matter…

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11 Tips to Nail Your Dream Elk Shot

Expert photography tips from a local Estes Park pro One of the surefire joys of visiting Estes Park are the all-but-guaranteed lifelist wildlife sightings. And tops for most aspiring photographers is capturing one of our eminently majestic elk. Estes local Dawn Wilson moved to Colorado in 2002, and…

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