Family Hike Elk
Kevin Benes

Kevin is a Special Events Coordinator for the Town of Estes Park, assistant coach for the Estes Park High School Mountain Bike team, as well as the founder of the Estes Epic, a 50 mile mountain bike and run event held in September. Kevin is an ultramarathoner, Ironman and all around lover of endurance sports. He has spent his professional career planning and directing running and cycling events across the country

A Multi-sport Adventure to (Really) Hidden Valley

For the latest on RMNP access during the shutdown, visit our shutdown page for up-to-the-minute information. The government shutdown has been hard on communities like Estes Park that depend on National Parks for visitors and business. It has been even harder on the parks themselves with many…

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Ride of the Week

Whether you are a road, mountain or gravel grinder Estes Park has countless rides to enjoy the beauty in ways that no other form of transportation offers. Cycling offers a great opportunity to check out some of the awesome routes that Estes Park has to offer! Kevin Benes, local rider, will be…

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5 Estes Park Cycling Routes You Haven't Pedaled

In my career with the Town of Estes Park I have lots of opportunities to talk with our guests. I typically steer our conversations on what activity brings them to town and I’ve started to notice a pattern. The answers are almost always hiking, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, climbing and a myriad…

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