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Brooke Burnham

Hi! I am the Director of Marketing & Communications for Visit Estes Park and a mom of two (slightly crazy) boys, ages 7 & 10. We are very lucky to live in Estes Park and we try to explore all Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park have to offer. I write from the heart and from a parent's perspective - understanding, of course, that parents also like to explore on their own sometimes. When I'm not at the office, you can find me hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, shopping or drinking a local IPA or sour beer. Follow my posts to learn more about me and Estes Park!  

You can find me on Twitter at @Brooke_Burnham or in Instagram at @Brooke.Burnham and you can reach me at the office via bburnham@visitestespark.com or 970-586-0500. 

The lights are twinkling, the shopping has begun and the classic carols are serenading us back to the joys of childhood. It's the holiday season and whether you're having trouble getting in the mood or you are the type to revel in everything remotely festive this time of year, these ten recommendations are sure to tickle your mistletoe.  1. Shop 'Til You Drop A weekly holiday celebration,  Festive Fridays... more

From unique arts to sweet treats, from jaw-droppers to socking suffers, Estes Park has a widevariety of special gifts that are made right here in the Estes Valley! The festive lights are strung downtown, the shops have decorated their windows andthe entire village is buzzing with holiday spirit. But don't worry if you can't make it to Estes this year; many of these one-of-a-kind gifts are available online. Whether you're... more

Halloween in Estes Park is a unique event - from haunted hotels to masquerade balls, costume parties to bluegrass concerts, it's easy to find things to do as adults . But, this holiday is traditionally for the little ones who want to dress up, get a little scared and get a lot of candy. So here are my family's top 5 things to do (ranked for emphasis, of course) during this fun fall celebration. 5. Stock up on Classic Treats... more

A few years ago the mayor of Estes Park officially decreed the month of October to be known as 'Elktober'. This may seem strange to outsiders, but residents and frequent visitors know that the hundreds of elk that call this area home are a very special part of our local culture. Those who are even more in the know understand that autumn is the perfect time of year to honor and celebrate these majestic creatures, for this is... more

Every year my parents host (along with two other couples) their grandkids for something they call 'Gramp'. They plan activities, outings and games for the kids over a long weekend. Sounds amazing, and it is, but not everyone can possibly contrive such an involved event. For those who want to have that incredible bonding experience, but without the stress of hosting, a grandparent vacation may be just the trick.  Traveling... more

September 30th is the start of Vintage Market Days a biannual, three day, bohemian chic event in Estes Park, and who needs a better excuse to gather up your besties and head for the hills? Not me. While I have the privilege of living in Estes Park, I'm always looking for reasons to entice my friends and family to visit. This event is just what we've been waiting for and it the perfect way to get a jump on my... more

Let's face it, we all have a "budget" for vacation. If you're anything like me, it's a challenge to stick to those pre-set spending limits. There's always something more the kids are asking for, or a little self-indulgence - I mean we definitely deserve it, right?! So, finding some free activities can be critical to not having post-vacay spending regrets while still keeping the family busy. And lucky for you,... more

OK, so being a mountain girl seems easy. Head into the Rockies. Explore the trails. Be fearless. But if you can do learn the 6 skills below, you'll know you are a true mountain maven! 1. Tie a figure 8 knot An essential to mountain climbers everywhere, the figure 8 knot is a must-know for anyone  exploring the sides  of mountains. Learn this trick to ensure your safety and that of your climbing team.  Here's a... more

Estes Park has long been a sought-after destination for climbers of all abilities. With our incredible rock formations, high altitude training and killer  climbing  culture, you just can't beat it. Many others figured this out. With the recent accomplishment of world-class climber, and Estes Park local, Tommy Caldwell, we thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to the most notable climbers who have called Estes Park... more

While Estes Park is famous for being the base camp for Rocky Mountain National Park, this adventurous mountain village is also bordered by the Roosevelt National Forest which offers some adventures that are only in the forest.  See the Trails on 2 Wheels Now, to be fair, the national park recently announced that there will be a section of trail on the west side of the national park that will be open to mountain biking. But in the... more