Local filmmaker Nick Molle discusses interesting things you may not know about Estes Park. Join us monthly for more fun facts!

In this first episode, Nick discusses the early days of Estes Park and how it contributed to the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park.


In this second episode, Nick explains just what makes a "park" a park!


Nick tells a brief history of Estes Park's beloved resident elk in our third episode, "Wild Elk." 


In Episode 4, learn the compelling story of the distribution of our waterways, leading to that impressive plume of water you may see jutting out over Mary's Lake!


In Episode 5, Nick describes why male Elk's antlers are fuzzy before the yearly infamous Elk Rut. 



In Episode 6, Nick discusses the infamous relationship between Isabella Bird and Rocky Mountain Jim.


In Episode 7, Nick talks about another Estes Park hidden gem, the Birch Ruins that overlook Main Street.