Everyday Estes is a locally-produced podcast that celebrates the connection and resiliency of the community, speaking to trials and triumphs as well as creative solutions for adjusting to what our new world looks like. Each guest is a beloved and integral spoke to the Estes Park hub. When you first come to Estes you may think of - the National Park that surrounds it, the elk that own the streets, or the shops that line the idyllic Elkhorn Avenue. What you may not know is the love that locals pour into the Estes community to make your vacation memorable. The ties run deep in Estes and these raw conversations show just how deep. Follow along as Donna Carlson talks to Fire Chief David Wolf, Seasoned Chef Rob Corey, Nick Smith of Lumpy Ridge Brewing and many more folks with stories to tell about what Estes means to them.

Nick Molle, Rocky Mountain Channel / Nick Molle Productions

"There are some very forward-thinking people here and it's really amazing, they've added another dimension to the community."

Rachel Ward Oppermann, Volunteer Firefighter and Public Information & Communications Specialist at Visit Estes Park

"I had decided a year or two ago that I was letting 'oh it's too risky or scary or intimidating' hold me back. So I decided that 2020 was the year of trying things that scared me, and decided this even before the pandemic." 

Nick Smith, Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co. 

“The craft beer side of the industry is super collaborative. when I started in 2003 big beer was very aggressive and they really made us come together and collaborate, it was the only way we could be formidable to that level of industry.” 

Ericka Santana, Chelitos and Carniceria

"Everybody in Mexico knows tacos...the most traditional after-party, after-work, with your friends- is tacos." 

Fire Chief David Wolf

“When we did those models back then, we saw that fire could theoretically cross our entire community in about 4 hours, and that image was definitely in our minds as we were thinking about when to pull the trigger (to evacuate)”

Anastacia Galloway, Inkwell & Brew ... and now: Macdonald Book Shop

“Waking up that Saturday morning and listening to the fire report and them saying they were expecting it (the fire) to hit town by sunrise. This was a really somber experience” 

Michael Young, Artist behind Catch the Glow Parade of Lights

"The only thing holding me back is if I haven't thought of it yet." 

Courtney Carroll, Mental Health Coordinator at Estes Park School District

"One thing in this time, is really hearing your kids out and really being open to listen to what your kids need" 

Ingrid Bush from the Barrel 

"Come as you are."

Melissa Strong, Bird & Jim

"The best part about it is that it has shown me I have more strength than I thought I did. Shown me that you can get through the challenges and do a great job even in a pandemic" 

Rob Corey, Seasoned

“Seasonal cooking is different than getting food seasonally” 

After listening to these 20 minute conversations, we hope that you taste the love in your coffee from Inkwell and Brew, that you admire the fire station on your drive in a little more and that you can say hi to Melissa Strong when you dine at Bird & Jim.