Cowboy Brad Fitch is an Estes Park local who has made a name for himself as a singer/songwriter, performing concerts throughout the U.S. He specializes in original folk music, classic cowboy tunes and the songs of John Denver.

Cowboy Brad is currently involved in three bands, a John Denver tribute band, a southern rock band and a band that plays most of his own compositions. He has had the pleasure of performing for the President of the United States on two separate occasions. The first, in 2001, when George W. Bush visited Estes, and the second, in 2008 for Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Read on to learn more about Cowboy Brad Fitch straight from the horses (or Cowboy's) mouth.

Art form/known for?

Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Recording Artist/Entertainer

How long have you lived in Estes Park?

I was raised in Estes Park.

Where is your hometown?

Estes Park, Colorado USA.

How long have you been practicing your art form?

My first paid, professional performance was when I was 15 years old.  My first regular gig was at a restaurant in Estes Park, when I was 16 years old.

Why did you start practicing your art from?

I come from a musical family and have loved music since I was a very small child.  Though I can play several instruments, guitar is my favorite because it is so portable and I can accompany myself while I sing.

Who are some of your influences?

Gordon Lightfoot, John Prine, Jimmy Buffet, John Denver, Tom Justin and the Lazy B Wranglers

What has the process been like making a name for yourself in Estes Park?

It has taken several decades to do so.  I started playing summers for tips in a local restaurant when I was in high school, then formed a country dance band that became the house band at an Estes Park night spot on weekends throughout the rest of the year.  When I returned from military service, I re-established myself in Estes Park by performing at local open mic nights, which lead to getting regular paid bookings around Estes.  By sticking with it, I eventually became a full-time, professional musician.  I now travel throughout the U.S., performing concerts either with one of my bands or as a soloist.

What do you hope to do with art in the future?

I intend to continue writing, recording and performing music.  I also hope to continue collaborating with other musicians in the future.

What’s your favorite spot in Estes Park? Why?

I have always been grateful for each and every venue that offers paid, live musical performances.

What is the best part of being an artist in Estes Park?

We live in a place that offers constant inspiration.  Just take a look outside.

What do you do around Estes in your free time?

Hike, ski and wander through the national park as often as I possibly can.

Check out Cowboy Brad's website to purchase his music, such as "Christmas Time with You" a holiday album, and view his upcoming shows.