Make your knowledge of the area around Estes Park date even further back as you listen to the myths and mysteries told throughout the latest Exploring Estes Park podcast episode. 

This podcast follows three different stories: the Earl of Dunraven, the legend of the blue mist and the story behind the keys at the Seven Keys Lodge, which historically was called the Baldpate Inn.

Two of these stories are told by Estes Park’s professional storyteller, Kurtis Kelly. Learn more about historic characters from Estes Park through Kurtis’ upcoming events or book a private show.

Learn more about the Earl of Dunraven here.

Learn more about the haunted sides of the Seven Keys Lodge and the blue mist here. 

The Seven Keys Lodge opened their tasting room this past summer in their famous key room marveled about in this episode. Here you will find handcrafted cocktails and a variety of an ever-changing menu of food.