Crews are working to improve access to and from Rocky Mountain National Park with the Downtown Estes Loop Project.

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What is to Come

It’s been a very exciting time for our team at Visit Estes Park!  I have been made to feel very welcome by everyone as the newest member on our team and want to extend my appreciation to our stakeholders, community members and team for the generous welcome.   We have a really dedicated and capable team at Visit Estes Park who are really working hard to make things better for our tourism market partners and the community.

We are really excited to announce a new “Visit Estes Park Marketing Dashboard” that will be available to the public through our website and our local newspapers.  This Dashboard will provide valuable information about our marketing efforts and the results that we all care about as we share a wealth of information for you, our stakeholders.  We have decided to put it in an easy to read pictographic format (Graphics with text) so it will be easy to read and understand.   This should prove to be a valuable tool for you to see results over time and to adjust your business planning accordingly.

We also are engaging in strong new primary marketing programs that will include a completely updated Visitors Guide, a brand-new Website and a new Group Marketing Program that we will be sharing with those of you who are interested in group business.  These represent strong platforms for future business and they will allow us to communicate to potential visitors, how best to plan their trips to Estes Park.

I look forward to meeting you in the future, and we will be glad to share information about our new marketing programs as we roll them out.  Get ready for a whole new fresh Visit Estes Park, building upon our past successes and leading our new marketing programs into the future!