Pace Reports

A wonderful thing we can do at Visit Estes Park is provide a snapshot of what the future of lodging bookings is likely to look like in our community.  We are conducting monthly summary reports that will provide a sample of hotels and their future reservation bookings as compared with the same months last year, known as a Pace Report in the marketplace.  We will be sharing the total results of this Pace Report information on our transparency page and sending it out to our stakeholders via email so they can more effectively plan for the future.

It is our hope that others will benefit from seeing it if in the future we are slower or busier than the previous year for lodging reservations, and it will provide some insights into how our market is progressing.  Businesses can use this information to adjust their marketing and scheduling and we can use the information to adjust our marketing strategies in anticipation of busy or slow time periods.

We are always looking for ways to improve and adjust our marketing programs to create demand just where we want it, to better support our local families and friends.  We will be sharing other new ways that Visit Estes Park is working for our community to help our residents and businesses to realize a better quality of life.  Just watch for additional blog articles in the future!