Featuring stunning geological wonders in and around the area, Estes Park is a destination that truly "rocks." Visitors can view millions of years of erosion by water and ice that has formed the majestic mountains and rugged landscape surrounding Estes Park. Photograph the huge buildup of sediment called an "alluvial fan" in Rocky Mountain National Park or climb Colorado's most notable 14'er, Longs Peak. Many different rock climbing and mountaineering classes, camps and tours are offered year-round for visitors to enjoy.

For adventurers looking for an adrenaline rush, there are very few locations in the United States that can surpass Estes Park and its surrounding areas for the climb of a lifetime. The area has rock with all the feel, personality, terrain and consistency that extreme climbers look for. Guests can schedule a lesson or guided tour with one of Estes Park's guiding companies that provide training for anything from learning how to use those permanent anchors attached to rock walls to how to place passive rock protection, and how to "lead" a climb.

For a less extreme rock adventure, guests can visit Estes Park's Rock Museum or one of a few "rock shops" where kids can experience the beauty of gems, minerals and stone. These exhibits and shops not only have rocks from Estes Park, but also from all over the world.