Cycling's most action packed event - cyclocross - is coming to Estes Park!

On Saturday, October 17, Aspen Lodge on Colorado Highway 7 south of town will host this first-of-its-kind event for the Estes Valley. Approximately 500 competitors ages 8 to 60 are expected to compete in this all-day, action packed event.

Cyclocross races consist of multiple laps on a short circuit that features pavement, singletrack trails, sand, rocks and obstacles that require riders to dismount, carry their bikes while jumping, and then quickly remount and continue racing. Laps typically last about 8 minutes, and spectators will be able to see multiple sections of the course from one vantage point.

Cyclocross bikes resemble road bikes, but have wider, knobbier tires for better traction. The Aspen Lodge event is part of the American Cycling Association's Colorado Cross Cup, the most important and prestigious season-long cyclocross series in the state.

"This type of bike racing started in Europe as a way for cyclists to stay fit during the fall and winter. But it's morphed into its own event and become exceptionally popular in Europe and North America," said Jason Sumner," PIO for DBC Events, the organization planning the race. "We really encourage people to come up to Aspen Lodge and see what cyclocross is all about. I guarantee they'll be entertained. And of course Aspen Lodge is a great place to grab lunch and a beer. People can hang out on the huge patio, soak in the amazing scenery, and watch the all races."

Cyclocross races last 20, 45 or 60 minutes depending on age and category. The amateur 35-plus men kick off competition at 9 a.m. Boy's and girl's junior categories start at 9:55 a.m. The top women and top men race at 1 p.m. and 1:55 p.m. respectively.

Race entry is $25 for adults and free for juniors 18 and under. Spectator admission is also free.

For more information about the Aspen Lodge Cyclocross event, please contact Jason Sumner at 303-817-5317 or . Visit for complete schedule and registration information.