Accreditation from Destinations International

The globally recognized Destination Marketing Accreditation Program (DMAP) serves as a visible industry distinction that defines quality and performance standards in destination marketing and management.  Achieving DMAP accreditation positions Visit Estes Park as a valued and respected organization in our community and increases our credibility among stakeholders.  VEP received its 8-year reaccreditation in March 2024 after completing a rigorous reevaluation process.  Additionally, in 2024 VEP received accreditation with distinction. In order to become accredited, VEP had to meet and/or complete all of the following items.



  • Visit Estes Park must be a legal organization or entity
  • Destination marketing and management is the primary function of the organization
  • The organization has two or more years of destination marketing and management expertise
  • The organization is the official governing entity authorized to provide destination marketing and management services for the jurisdiction
  • The organization agrees to abide by the DMAP Code of Conduct Accreditation Standards


Accreditation Standards

To become accredited, Visit Estes Park demonstrated compliance with more than 100 performance standards. Accreditation standards are set by an independent panel of industry veterans representing a diverse selection of destination organizations. Standards are regularly revisited and revised to reflect the evolution of best practices in our industry. The accreditation standards include 20 optional Aspirational Standards. These are standards which are not necessarily established as best practices in the industry, but which are quickly becoming the norm. It is the expectation that Aspirational Standards will become required standards at some point in the future.


Accreditation With Distinction

Beginning in 2020, Destinations International began recognizing select outstanding destination organizations with a new tier of accreditation, Accreditation with Distinction. This recognizes destination organizations that set the bar of excellence for our industry. To become Accredited with Distinction, Visit Estes Park was required to meet three criteria:

  1. Meet all 100+ accreditation standards with no standards marked “Compliant with Opportunity for Improvement”
  2. Have at least one standard where the applicant is marked “Compliant Exemplary”, meaning the documentation submitted is truly outstanding and could be used to set the bar for the industry at large
  3. Meet at least 10 of the 20 Aspirational Standards.




Letter of Recognition from
Destinations International


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