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Seasonal Marketing Campaign Updates


Winter 2021-2022

Visit Estes Park executed two activations as part of the effort to increase economic activity during parts of the year when business is typically slower, to help support a more resilient, year-round economy for our community. 

The first was a partnership with Mountain Village Cabins at Lake Estes to decorate a cabin for the holidays. Key media and influencers were invited to stay in the cabin from November through December and provided with a list of holiday happenings as well as tickets or information on any seasonal events happening during their stay. This activation serves to create content in the form of social media posts and news articles that will appear in the feeds of guests, to plant the seed that Estes Park is an intriguing holiday destination.

The second was the decoration of the Visit Estes Park offices, in order to show what is possible if everyone in the community comes together and decks out their own places of business to encourage more owners to decorate for the holidays next year. The team will build off of these efforts ahead of the winter of 2022.

winter 2020-2021

Visit Estes Park will continue using paid search and social channels to inspire potential guests, utilizing earned media such as this recent article in the Wall Street Journal and blog posts written by staff. Staff plans to host virtual deskside meetings in December as well as influencers throughout the winter season to continue the Athlete in Residence (AiR) campaign. This iteration will welcome diverse influencers to portray Estes as the inclusive destination it is, and will highlight all Estes Park has to offer alongside outdoor adventure, which is an evolution in AiR content.

Further, the team is partnering with SKI Magazine to highlight Estes as an ideal place for backcountry training and entry-level backcountry access, as this sector is expected to expand this year due to restrictions at ski resorts. To target the audience that isn’t as hardcore, we’re partnering with Outside Magazine for a digital buy including site-wide banners, social posts and enewsletter inclusions targeted at their non-skier demographic. This plan, as in winters-past, includes billboards in the Denver Metro area to continue to highlight Estes as a winter destination.

Finally, for the first time (as far as we’re aware) VEP is undertaking a traditional cable buy. An exciting new avenue to showcase Estes in winter, our high-quality winter time lapse commercial will run across the Front Range.

summer 2020

Visit Estes Park is activating a summer campaign including media pushed from spring buys (delayed due to the pandemic) and new buys, which focus on Estes Park's extended drive market. This is a flexible digital campaign intended to be nimble in case anything changes regarding the pandemic or demand in Estes.

winter 2019-2020

Visit Estes Park's winter campaign highlights the Estes Park Backcountry Pass. A pass you don't have to pay for, but rather saves you money. It drives the value of Estes in the winter, and continues to educate potential guests that the town is open, and has plenty of adventure to offer.

summer 2019

Visit Estes Park's summer campaign spanned April through September 2019 and included a spring push to drive visitation from the Front Range prior to Memorial Day and tactics to reach guests in two categories: passionate people in core communities who will be more likely to experience Estes Park in a meaningful, sustainable, long term way and guests who are already planning trips to Estes Park with ideas on how to be a more responsible visitor. Check out the details or view the video.

winter 2018-2019

Visit Estes Park's winter campaign spanned November 2018 through March 2019 and included traditional media, sponsored content, a first-of-it’s-kind athlete in residence program and extended reach elements, including display and radio ads. Here’s the winter recap.