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Current Board and Staff

Visit Estes Park Board of Directors

Deborah Gibson

Chair, Visit Estes Park Board of Directors

Appointed by the Town of Estes Park. Deborah is a co-founder, co-owner and General Manager of the Rams Horn Village Resort since 1989. When not working you will find Deborah at the Gore Range Overlook on Fall River Road enjoying the sunset, hiking, or savoring the real sense of community Estes Park offers.

Sean Jurgens

Vice Chair, Visit Estes Park Board of Directors

Appointed by the Town of Estes Park. Sean is the co-owner and manager of the Quality Inn, a business that has been in his family for four generations. When not working, you will find Sean biking or skiing with his kids, or enjoying a craft beverage at one of Estes Park’s craft beverage makers.

Pat Murphy

Secretary, Visit Estes Park Board of Directors

Appointed by Larimer County. Pat owns Murphy's Resort and Murphy's River Lodge. What Pat loves about Estes Park: seeing families getting together and creating memories during their time in Estes Park.

McShan Walker

Visit Estes Park Board of Directors

Appointed by Larimer County. McShan is co-owner and Sales/Marketing Partner of Elkins Distilling Co. What McShan loves about Estes Park: to have the opportunity to live, work and hike (with his blue heeler) in a place where millions of people work and save to just get a glimpse of; this privilege is not lost on McShan.

Scott Webermeier

Visit Estes Park Board of Directors, Town of Estes Park Trustee

Appointed by the Town of Estes Park. Scott is the owner of The Country Market of Estes Park and is a Town of Estes Park Trustee. What Scott loves about Estes Park: this extraordinarily unique town, our scenic setting, a welcoming business community, and the broader community that is so very willing to step up and help each other in so many ways.

Dr. Marie Cenac

Visit Estes Park Board of Directors, Town of Estes Park Trustee


Visit Estes Park Staff

See Visit Estes Park's organizational structure.

Abi Huebner

Interim CEO & Director of Stakeholder Services

970-586-0500 x. 1223

With nearly 5 years at Visit Estes Park, Abi evolved her initial role of selling ads in VEP’s Official Visitor Guide into the Stakeholder Services Department, which exists to help stakeholder businesses augment their marketing efforts by taking advantage of all VEP has to offer. What you didn’t know about Abi: Abi plays a righteous air guitar, loves to garden and is living-room-lead vocal soloist to the best rock and roll found in her vinyl record collection.

Kevin Benes


970-586-0500 x. 1222

Kevin has 15 years experience in accounting management. Leveraging this experience in his work with Visit Estes Park allows him to share his love of Estes Park with the world, and importantly – to ski, run trails, climb, and hike before, during (at lunch, of course!) and after work. What you didn’t know about Kevin: Kevin owns a running speciality retail store in Eastern Iowa and an endurance race management company, which he has run for 12 years. He and his wife, Ellen, are expecting their first child.

Josh Harms

Director of Marketing

970-586-0500 x. 1225

Josh has worked at Visit Estes Park for nearly 5 years, making his favorite childhood vacation destination his adult home, adding to the lifelong memories made with family during his time here as a child. When Josh isn’t working you’ll find him attempting to perform all the outdoor adventures Estes Park has to offer at a slightly less-than-mediocre level. (Yes, he’s being humble. Very.)

Rebecca Pena

Group Sales Manager

970-586-0500 x. 1232

In her 20+ years working in hospitality within Estes Park and around the Front Range, Rebecca found her calling in hospitality sales. She is thrilled to bring this experience to Visit Estes Park, particularly because it allows her to live in the town she loves. When Rebecca isn’t working you’ll find her at a lake (Lake Estes is a favorite) or snowboarding with her family, enjoying the outdoors and all Estes Park has to offer.

Rachel Ward Oppermann

Public Information & Communications Specialist

970-586-0500 x. 1221

With 13 years experience in marketing (4+ in tourism), a genuine love for mountains, small mountain towns and any adventure to be had in and around them, Rachel is thrilled to have the opportunity to combine her professional skills and personal passions in her work for Visit Estes Park. What you didn’t know about Rachel: Rachel is a volunteer firefighter and first responder with the Allenspark Fire Protection District.

Andrea Machado

Stakeholder Services Coordinator

970-586-0500 x. 1228

Andrea has a background in travel and tourism, including over 5 years working in different hospitality and service jobs around Estes Park, and is excited to bring that experience to Visit Estes Park. Andrea is hooked on Estes Park’s casual mountain life and enjoys yoga and cooking. When Andrea isn’t working (and the weather is nice), you’ll find her on hiking trails enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding Estes Park. We’re working on getting her out on the winter trails!

Kendall Akin

Media Coordinator

970-586-0500 x. 1227

After graduating from Colorado State University with a BFA in 2018, Kendall chased her dream of living in the mountains and brought her artistic eye and talent to Visit Estes Park, helping to bring the organization’s branding and design to the next level. When Kendall is not working, keep an eye out for her reading a book near a body of water, coffee in hand, or learning to hang with the best outdoor adventurers in Estes Park.

Krystin Campion

Executive Assistant

970-586-0500 x 1229

Krystin brings nearly 10 years of customer service and marketing experience to her role at Visit Estes Park. Having come from a family of entrepreneurs, she loves working with and supporting the locally owned and operated businesses of Estes Park. What you didn’t know about Krystin: Krystin adores being a mother and spends the majority of her spare time with her family. When she isn’t running her property management company.