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The Stops

Estes Park is full of great taverns of all kinds! This route is a great way to get a taste of what Estes has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I purchase tickets the day of the event?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  In order for us to coordinate transportation and other even logistics, tickets must be purchased ahead of time.

Q: What is included in the price?  

A:  Hotel pick-up from one of the host hotels, kick-off party at Estes Park Resort including DJ spinning retro tunes, heavy appetizers, games and tips on how to earn the most points throughout the evening.  Ticket also includes Trolley transportation to all taverns and a return trip back to the host hotel you are staying at.

Q:  What if I don't want to drink, can I still participate?

A:  Absolutely!  The cost for a "hold the booze" ticket is $38 and includes everything but the booze:  Kick-off party, Estes Park headband & scarf, games, prizes, entertainment, contests and loads of fun!

Q:  Can I join the tour mid-way at one of the Tavern stops?

A:  No, you must begin at the Kick-off Party at Estes Park Resort in order to register, sign waiver, receive important instructions, and receive your ski pass which is needed for the free drinks at each Tavern stop.

Q:  What if we want to get off the tour before the end - how do we get back to our host hotel?

A:  The free trolley is for the entire tour; however, if you prefer to turn-in early, you can call the local taxi service: Estes Park Taxi, (970) 586-6111.

Q:  Will the proposed schedule for time at each Tavern stop stay on time?

A:  We realize this is an ambitious schedule, so we are asking for your patience.  The goal is to keep things moving and not linger at each stop, as we are highlighting all the Estes craft-made beverages on this Tour. That way you can come back and visit another time to linger awhile longer.  Be prepared to get your free drink, play a game, post a few social media pics and then get back on the Trolley!

Q:  What if I miss the Trolley at one of the stops?

A:  You will need to call a taxi or arrange for alternative transportation to get back on the Tour.  We will be at each Tavern stop for only 30 minutes, so don't miss it!  We will blow a horn 5 minutes before we leave from each Tavern stop, so when you hear it - get on board!

Q:  Can I stay later at the last stop - Elkins Distillery?

A:  Depending on how busy they are, Elkins may stay open later.  However, you will need to arrange your own transportation after the final Trolley pick-up from that location which is scheduled at 12 am.  See above for taxi info.  If you plan to stay later, arrange for your designated driver to park there at the beginning of the evening so transportation from Elkins at the end of the night will be convenient for you.

Q:  I'm a local and do not plan to stay at a hotel.  How do I get picked up?

A: We are picking up at the Estes Park Visitor Center.  Also, you can park at the Estes Park Resort, where the kick-off party begins.  At the end of the tour, the Trolley will return back to Estes Park Resort, as well as all the other host hotels.

Q:  Why are there not more host hotels?

A:  We needed to limit the number of hotel pick-ups to keep the evening efficient before and after the Tinsel Tavern Tour

Q:  Can I stay somewhere other than a host hotel?

A:  Certainly!  You can still ride the Trolley from the kick-off party at Estes Park Resort and the Trolley will return you back there as well.  The Visitor Center is another pick-up and drop-off location.

Q:  What if I don't want the free drink at some of the stops and prefer something different?

A: Each Tavern visit includes a free signature drink designed especially for the Tinsel Tavern Tour.  If you prefer to have something else, no problem, you can purchase that separately.

Q:  I understand there are complimentary heavy appetizers at the kick-off party at Estes Park Resort.  Will there be other food options at the other stops?

A: Yes!  Lumpy Ridge Brewery offers complimentary pretzels.  The last stop on the Tour is Elkins Distillery - We will have complimentary snacks there for you (and the soon to be infamous Estes Park Ski Shot).  The following taverns offer food and/or food trucks (food at these locations not included in TTT ticket price)::  Snowy Peaks Winery (cheese, crackers, sausage, popcorn) Rock Cut Brewery (Two Chicks food truck - awesome wings & things), and Estes Park Brewery (full menu).

Q: Do we have to dress up in retro gear?

A:  No, but it's way more fun and you earn points for doing so!  Google "retro ski gear for purchase" to get ideas or to buy gear.

Q:  Why do I want to earn points?

A:  We have lots of giveaways from free national park passes, to Estes Park Gear, area gift certificates and more!

Q:  Are the tavern stops truly craft beverages made in Estes Park, CO?

A:  Yes, all but one!  All of the stops make their craft beverage right here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Estes Park!  The exception is Dancing Pines Distillery - They have a tasting room in Estes, but the product is made in Loveland, CO.

Q:  Are pets allowed to join?

A:  Estes loves furry friends, but this tour wouldn't be much fun for them, so not this time.

Q:  What is there to do in Estes on Sunday, the day after the Tinsel Tavern Tour?

A:  Loads!  Even if the temperature is a little lower and there may be snow on the ground, there is a plethora of things to keep you busy! Get outside and enjoy the winter wonderland. Estes Park is also a great place to do your holiday shopping! Be sure to check out the Ten Holiday Gifts Found only in Estes! Or, spend your time relaxing from a fun night by enjoying a meal at any of the fantastic restaurants in town and get pampered with a massage or spa treatment.

Q:  Who is hosting this event?

A:  Visit Estes Park is the host, we are the destination marketing organization for the Estes Park Local Marketing District.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: (970) 586-0500 or


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