Timed Entry Permits & Rocky Mountain National Park

Timed Entry Permits & Rocky Mountain National Park

To enter Rocky Mountain National Park between May 28 and October 11 two things are required: a timed entry permit PLUS a park pass or entrance fee. Use these tips to plan your trip into Rocky Mountain National Park.



The Professional Touch

Participating in a tour of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park makes sense for a few reasons: 1) you get acquainted with the lay of the land; 2) you learn interesting facts about the area; and 3) you get a supervised opportunity to try something new. In short, tours provide a great way to learn where to go and what to do before setting off on your own.

Besides, it’s fun and educational to follow local guides to their favorite spots, whether they're leading you on a wildlife photography tour or taking you fly fishing. Join hiking or birding tours inside the national park. Maybe even try an inn-to-inn trek. Drive up Trail Ridge Road in a van or motorcoach as on-board guides explain the various ecosystems, pointing out notable plants and wildlife along the way. Tour Roosevelt National Forest via horseback or from the saddle of an ATV. Whatever your interest, you’re sure to learn something new and have a good time when you book an Estes Park tour!

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