Fitness & Health

With cycling paths, jogging trails and dozens of rock faces to climb, it's as if Estes Park is a giant natural recreation center. Mountaineers amble up peaks and svelte climbers shimmy up seemingly sheer cliffs. Runners pace themselves across miles of dirt track as cyclists and rollerbladers do the same along a system of more than 30 miles of paved and hard-packed paths. The Estes Valley Recreation and Parks District maintains the trails and seems to keep adding more; when the temperatures drop, cross-country skiers and snowshoers take over those trails.

Indoors, the fitness fun continues. Athletic centers welcome the public for classes, weight-training and machine workouts. Plus, the public recreation center and many lodging pools operate year-round, giving swimmers (and triathletes) a place to practice their strokes.

To support Estes Park's reputation as a destination for keeping fit, various groups host different events, including the Estes Park Marathon and Rocky Mountain Half Marathon; the first-ever trail running conference in the United States and new trail race series; and the annual Yoga Journal Conference in the Rocky Mountains 

In truth, the area's a fitness paradise, complete with local practitioners, eager to rub out the kinks and help you feel your best. Experiment with different types of massage, body work treatments and more while pushing yourself physically-or just maintaining your regular exercise routine-in this destination of health and wellness.