The Ultimate Colorado Summer Vacation

Estes Park isn't just home to tantalizing taffy shops and incredible festivals - we are the basecamp for Rocky Mountain National Park! What does that mean? It means that you get all of the adventures, trails, thrilling alpine drives and amazing wildlife encounters, alongside the incredible experiences and amenities of our mountain village. And the village adventures are some of the most fun and exciting!

You get moans of delight tasting brand-new craft brews and buttery fresh trout. Squeals of glee from zip lines and off-road bumps. Shouts of pride after standing up on an SUP (stand up paddleboard) or catching that first fish. These are the sounds of memories being made and moments being savored. 

Start planning your summer of memories in Estes Park today with the tips and tools below!


Summer Things to Do
Bored isn't something we do well.
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