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Contribute Your Data to the Rocky Mountain Lodging Report


Watch this short video to learn why the Rocky Mountain Lodging Report is important.

Lodging partners, we need your help!

The Rocky Mountain Lodging Report (RMLR) has the potential to be a valuable tool for both lodging properties and for Visit Estes Park. But it requires participation from as many lodging properties as possible to make an impact. Will you consider contributing your data?

Participating will allow you to set room prices strategically to maximize revenue, and it will allow us to adjust marketing spend to promote overnight stays based on historical data. These proactive decisions will benefit your business and the community as a whole. The more occupied rooms in your properties, the more guests are supporting the local economy.

Importantly, all data is kept strictly confidential. Only compilations of the aggregated information are released. And it’s free to participate! See a sample report here.

With this data:

  • Lodging properties can compare their information with the aggregated results of all participants to help determine if they are over or under-pricing rooms.
  • Occupancy metrics allow lodging properties to see peak and need times based on current data.
  • VEP staff can plan advertising to market the destination most effectively.

How it works

RMLR emails you a short questionnaire at the beginning of each month and sends the compiled results by the 20th. The questionnaire requests the number of rooms at your property, the total number of room nights available for occupancy, the number of room nights occupied and guestroom revenue for the previous month.

Contributing your data will help your property be more competitive and allow VEP to reflect on historical data to adjust our allocation of advertising dollars to help fill rooms. So will you help us?

Interested in participating? Contact Robert S. Benton, ISHC at 303-840-1666 or

Questions can also be answered by:

  • Annie Mayhew, Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association. 303-297-8335
  • Rachel Ward Oppermann, Visit Estes Park.