Visit Estes Park Event Promotion Support

Visit Estes Park has been working on a more comprehensive and objective way to allocate our event marketing support. Many of you requested a more fair and transparent process, and we are pleased to be rolling out this out to accommodate that request. Please download the two documents (links below) to guide you through this new, improved process. 

The first, the Event Partnership Overview (pdf), is for your information and reference. It outlines the event promotion partnership with Visit Estes Park, including the types of promotion we offer. This document also includes a copy of the Event Evaluation Form that Visit Estes Park will use to evaluate the impact of events based on the information provided by the event promoters. The evaluation will be completed by individuals inside and outside of Visit Estes Park. 

Next, the Event Info & Agreement Form (pdf) needs to be completed in detail. This document is designed to provide VEP the details that we need to effectively promote your event, to ensure accurate information in our promotions and to inform those evaluating the event for economic impact and for the benefits the event provides our community and guests.

Please submit the completed Event Info & Agreement Form, along with the requested documentation, as soon as you can so that you can take part in VEP event promotion.

Event promotion by Visit Estes Park hasn't ceased during the development of this process and will continue as you complete the forms. However, to ensure efficient, accurate promotion and to be considered for ongoing or additional promotion in 2016 or 2017, we need you to complete these forms in a timely fashion. 

We thank those who have provided feedback on this new process so far and we welcome additional input as we continue to refine this program for future years. I am available to answer any questions and/or to walk you through this process.

Josh Harms,