Campfire Ghost Stories: Living History Tales of the West (all ages)

  • Rocky Mountain Conservancy
  • Location: 1895 FALL RIVER RD, Rocky Mountain Conservancy, CO
  • Phone: (970) 586-3262
  • Time: 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Price: $15 per adult, all children 12 and under FREE

People from the past come to life in these presentations about the history and adventures of several past residents and visitors to the Estes Valley. Join these characters as they recount tales of humor, exploration and danger; learn what life was like for them during their stay in and around Rocky Mountain National Park. Enjoy time for campfire questions and roasting marshmallows after the program.

June 13: Iron Thumb: A Fur Trapper’s Life in the Mountains- Iron Thumb is a fictitious character born out of the research and study of 19th century mountain men on the American frontier. His character will tell what it was like to live as a beaver trapper in the 1800s, including dangers, humorous adventures and everyday tasks for survival in this once-harsh land. Participants at this campfire program will learn about the clothing, tools, and lifestyle of these often-misunderstood characters in history.

June 20: Miner Bill and The Blue Mist: Remembering an Estes Park Legend- Since the story was first told in the 1940s, thousands of Estes Park visitors have been intrigued and entertained by “The Blue Mist” at campfire gatherings, often at places like the Fall River Lodge, Stead’s Ranch, and at the livery of the YMCA of the Rockies. Local cowboy-wrangler Bill Robinson was the first to give listeners goosebumps telling the fireside legend of the reclusive William “Miner Bill” Currence (ca. 1868-1951), a real-life figure from this area’s past. While Robinson created “The Blue Mist” as a fictional tale, it is framed with references to local history as well as allusions to the natural yet strangely sudden weather phenomena that occur in the mountains.

NEW CHARACTER June 27: “Welcome, Weary Traveler”: Innkeepers of Rocky Mountain National Park History
One hundred years ago, ranchers and homesteaders rapidly built lodges and cabins for visitors who were flocking to discover Rocky’s scenic beauty. From Abner Sprague, who transformed the land with a human-made fishing pond, to Enos Mills, who insisted that his guests not pick flowers or play cards, each of these innkeepers and their families created lifelong memories for families and famous visitors. Meet these characters through first person living history performances by storyteller Kurtis Kelly, along with Joe Mills of the Crags Hotel, Charles Edwin Hewes of the Hewes-Kirkwood Inn, and the famous F.O. Stanley. For all ages.

July 11: Rocky Mountain Tales of Survival (various characters)- Hear thrilling tales of adventure from pioneers facing perilous encounters and daring escapes. Abner Sprague recounts the 1896 camping trip that left his party lost in a blizzard above timberline. The Earl of Dunraven comes face-to-face with a mountain lion. Joe Mills describes a midnight rescue on wind-whipped Longs Peak. A snow-blinded Enos Mills makes a dangerous descent from the Continental Divide.

Campfire Ghost Stories: Living History Tales of the West (all ages)