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What's My Everest Hike and No Barriers Summit 2022

  • 2515 Tunnel Rd, Estes Park, CO 80511
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2022 No Barriers Summit and What’s Your Everest Hikes Registration Now Open! Unleashing the Power of We. Creating Positive Impact Together.

Fort Collins, CO – This year’s annual No Barriers Summit and What’s Your Everest hike will be held August 25-28 at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado. The three-day event gathers veterans, caregivers, educators, families and individuals of all abilities to break through barriers, change their perspectives and connect with a larger community. Passes are available at No and provide access to a variety of entertainment, adaptive activities and sports, workshops, inspirational speakers, and the highlight of the summit, the fundraiser What’s Your Everest hike.

Some of the Summit adaptive activities guests will enjoy include: Parafencing, Wheelchair Basketball, Archery, Rock Climbing, Boxing, Handcycling & Mountain Biking.

What’s Your Everest is an annual fundraising event inspired by No Barriers cofounder Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind man to summit Mount Everest. Join Erik and be inspired to break through the barriers in your life while supporting No Barriers’ transformational programs for veterans with visible and invisible disabilities, students, and people of diverse abilities. Rope Teams made up of family members, co-workers, friends or even strangers provide mobility device users with manual support to help them reach the summit. Whether you’re an avid mountaineer, first-time hiker or just someone looking for a way to pay it forward, this unique mountain experience will motivate you to climb higher.

Each participant is asked to raise a minimum of $250. Every dollar raised by you, your family, or your team will directly impact the lives of veterans and others with disabilities, youth and family facing challenges, and people who reach into No Barriers as they strive to live a life of meaning.
“The last few years have challenged so many of us emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. I can’t think of a better time to Unleash the Power of We, which is our main theme this year,” said No Barriers Executive Director Luis Gallardo. “No Barriers believes in the IDEA acronym (Inclusion, diversity, equity, and access) to create a welcoming environment for all.”

Major corporate supporters include Winnebago Foundation, Wells Fargo, MASCO and Unlimited Tomorrow.

“The Summit challenges us all to step out of our comfort zones, try new things, and return home feeling empowered to never let barriers stop us,” said No Barriers cofounder Erik Weihenmayer.


About No Barriers
Launched in 2003, No Barriers empowers people of all walks of life to overcome obstacles, live a life of purpose, and give back to the world, all through our ground-breaking curriculum, the No Barriers Life. What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way. This statement lies at the heart of our organization. Whether in our personal lives, at work, or in our communities, we all face challenges that can prevent us from reaching our full potential. We believe that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.

About YMCA of the Rockies
Estes Park Center serves conferences, family reunions, retreats, recreational and educational groups, families, individuals and youth by providing lodging, meeting space, dining, programming and recreation. As the largest YMCA conference center in the United States, YMCA of the Rockies serves over 220,000 people each year in a wide variety of programs. Estes Park Center is located 65 miles northwest of Denver, Colo., just outside of Estes Park, and is adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park. The historic property comprises 860 acres and offers unique conference and lodging facilities and services, with overnight accommodations for over 4,700 guests.