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Nature Workshop: Colorado Life Zones

  • 2515 Tunnel Rd, Estes Park, CO 80511
  • Phone: 970-586-3341 x1104
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YMCA of the Rockies' Nature Workshops cater to adult learners, providing an engaging and hands-on approach to exploring the wonders of the natural world in the beautiful setting of the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado Life Zones with Steve Johnson
June 2-4, 2024
9am-5pm each day
Spend time in each local life zone gaining insights and discovering connections between plants, animals, geology, and climate.

Driving and hiking to representative locations, this course will introduce participants to the unique species and conditions that determine habitats, and ecosystems. Days will be highlighted by locating keystone species and visiting both little, and well-known locations. Anticipate learning about the key differences between life zones and the reasons altitude has such a large effect on the species found as you move up the mountains in elevation.

Questions? Call 970-586-3341 x1104