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Aiden Sinclair Presents: Possessions

  • 333 E Wonderview Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517
  • Phone: (970) 290-2361
  • Dates: 5/24/2024, 5/25/2024, 5/26/2024, 5/31/2024, 6/7/2024, 6/14/2024, 6/15/2024, 6/21/2024, 6/22/2024, 6/28/2024, 6/29/2024, 7/5/2024, 7/6/2024, 7/12/2024, 7/13/2024, 7/19/2024, 7/20/2024, 7/26/2024, 7/27/2024, 7/28/2024, 8/3/2024, 8/28/2024, 8/29/2024, 8/30/2024, 8/31/2024, 9/1/2024, 9/4/2024, 9/5/2024, 9/6/2024, 9/7/2024, 9/8/2024, 9/12/2024, 9/13/2024, 9/14/2024, 9/15/2024
  • Location: Aiden Sinclair's Underground
  • Address: 333 E Wonderview Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517
  • Phone: (970) 290-2361
  • Time: 6 p.m., 8:30 p.m.
  • Price: $45+
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Hidden beneath The Post Restaurant, at The Historic Stanley Hotel, there is a subterranean theater where the greatest magicians in the world perform their mysterious craft. Beyond a secret door, you will enter a world of wonder and illusion that bends reality and alters time. Enter if you dare, for an unforgettable experience that will inspire the imagination awaits you.

From the hit television series America's Got Talent, and Penn and Teller's Fool Us, Aiden Sinclair presents an immersive experience of unforgettable supernatural effects.

Possessions: A Show About the Magick of Things

You enter The Post Restaurant at The Stanley Hotel and are directed down a flight of stairs to The Underground. There, you find a library and a small shop selling strange things…

The shopkeeper may show you their goods, tarot cards and haunted dolls looking for a good home, but when you tell them you’ve come for the show, they will open a secret bookcase door and guide you into another world.

You are now truly entering Aiden Sinclair’s Underground, a secret subterranean theater where the impossible become reality.

You are shown to your table and seated. Your eyes will wander and take in the haunted and historic artifacts on display in the museum that surrounds you.

Everything in this room has a story to tell.  

Some tell stories of hope and love.

Others however, have much darker tales to tell.

Do you dare to hear what they have say?

Possessions is a show about the magic of the things we possess.  The things we acquire, and the things that in their acquisition become so much more than trinkets and bobbles.  

The show features illusions performed with historic and haunted artifacts from Aiden Sinclair's collection.

*Children under the age of 12 will NOT be admitted.